Whether you have a man cave that needs a new bar area, or you just want to add an elegant feature to your living space, finding the right bar accessories has to start with the ideal bar cabinet. 

Not only does it serve a practical purpose, but it should also look the part to become a central focal point of your room. 

The problem is that finding the right style, quality, and size can be difficult with so many furniture manufacturers not delivering on all three. 

That’s why we made it our mission to find the best home bar cabinet manufacturers in North Carolina so that you end up with amazing furniture to be proud of owning. 

Choosing The Right Bar Cabinet

While it might feel like an easy decision to make, let me first show you how to approach finding the perfect bar cabinet for your home bar.

Measure The Layout

The first thing you need to do is measure the space where you plan to set up your bar cabinet. Maybe it’s next to a dining table, or you want to create a full bar set up with a counter and some stools. 

The important thing is that you don’t want the bar cabinet to look too bulky or completely lost because it’s too small. 

When planning home bars, you should also consider how and when you’re going to use the cabinet. Do you entertain a lot of guests on a regular basis, or is it just for an occasional Christmas get-together?

This is the most important thing to start with, as it will influence all of the next considerations. 

Decide On A Style

Your new home bar should fully integrate with your existing home decor. 

That means you don’t want to have an ultra-modern bar cabinet with lots of clear glass and clean lines when the rest of your room has a classic design with leather chairs and sofas. 

Similarly, if you have a very modern and minimalist interior design, you don’t want a classic-style wine rack with brass hardware that will take center stage. 

If you’re in doubt, then start looking at contemporary bar cabinets, as they tend to have a slightly understated design with a few intricate features to make them stand out. 

Pick The Ideal Dimensions

With your measurements from the first step, it’s now time to decide on the exact dimension of your bar cabinet. 

While the main storage part might be fully enclosed and neatly contained, it’s also important to consider what you might be placing on top. For example, you might want to add a stemware rack or some shelves to store wine glasses or other accessories. 

Make sure you look at the full picture you want to achieve with your new bar and wine cabinet. 

Consider The Amount Of Storage Space

If you live in a two-person household and rarely entertain guests, then you might still want to have enough space for different types of wine and cocktail glasses in the bar cabinet. 

And then you need some wine storage for your red wine bottles and some spirits as well. 

So, always make sure you have enough room in the wine cabinet. I would generally advise that it should be deep enough to accommodate three rows of glasses or standing bottles to give you more flexibility. 

Our Bar Cabinet Collection 

Here are some of the main bar and wine cabinet configurations we have available.

Simple Fully Enclosed Bar Cabinet

If you just need something to keep wine and other alcohol bottles along with some glasses and other accessories, then a small two-door cabinet will be the perfect solution. 

Everything is tidy behind the closed doors, and the cabinet can fit into pretty much any type of space. It won’t be intrusive or clash with other furniture and certainly won’t become a focal point. 

At the same time, it will look the part and add some interest to your living or dining room. 

If needed, you could add a few shelves above it to display some nice glasses as well. 

Multi-Door Bar Cabinet

We also have cabinets that have multiple doors to make storing larger quantities a lot easier. Behind each door, there are multiple shelves with different height settings to make it a lot easier to store and arrange your bottles. 

And when you have more space in your cabinet, it becomes a lot easier to find what you’re looking for rather than having to deal with a storage solution that is just a crumpled mess. 

Large Bar Cabinet With Wine Rack

We also have cabinets with integrated wine storage solutions. These are a great way to add visual impact, as these cabinets will be larger and tend to stand out more from other furniture. 

There’s certainly a practical aspect to having all your wine and other drinks neatly stored in one place. But don’t underestimate the visual effect you can get when you choose one of the amazing designs we have on offer. 

Just keep in mind that such a piece of furniture does require a lot of space. You don’t want to force this into a small area where the proportions will look completely out of place. 

Additional Accessories

From small wine racks to glass displays or a bar cart, if you tend to regularly entertain guests, then you need to consider some accessories as well. 

A bar cart is a great solution for serving drinks to larger groups of people, and it can add to the visual appeal of your new furniture. 

Superior Quality Bar Cabinets From North Carolina

Our top priority in choosing the bar cabinets for our store has always been to find the best quality products made in America. And the best place in America to source top-quality furniture is North Carolina. 

All of our manufacturing partners are based there and have a proven track record of employing the best craftspeople and materials. 

While other companies import cheap products using manufactured wood or pine, we make sure that we only stock furniture made from solid hardwood.

With the right combination of exceptional skills and materials, you have the peace of mind that your new furniture will last a lifetime. 

And you’ll also be supporting local businesses, jobs, and the American economy. 

Browse Our Bar And Wine Cabinets

To find the ideal addition for your home, start by browsing through the bar cabinets we have available. There are plenty of design choices and sizes available to give you an ideal starting point. 

And if you have any questions or require some help in finding the ideal option for your home, then use the contact details on each product page to reach out to us. 

Our customer service team is standing by and can help guide you through the configuration and ordering process. 

We look forward to hearing from you.