Where To Buy A Kingsdown Mattress

When it comes to buying a new mattress, you have to remember that you’ll be spending almost 3,000 hours a year in bed if you get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night.
And for that reason, you should always look for the best quality and most innovative mattress design.
Kingsdown mattresses have proven exceptional quality and comfort for over 100 years and the company remains one of the leading innovators of mattress technology to suit every possible requirement.
Whether you need pressure relief for aches and pains in your back and joints, or you struggle with getting to sleep, Kingsdown has a solution for you.
Let me first introduce you to the company.

A Quick History Of The Kingsdown Mattress Company

Kingsdown is a mattress firm from Mebane, North Carolina, where it was founded back in 1904. With over 100 years of experience in entrepreneurial and technological innovation, this company has remained loyal to the local economy.
And that is one of the major attractions with Kingsdown mattresses. By keeping all of the design, innovation, and manufacturing processes in North Carolina, you get an ultra-plush new mattress that can’t be beaten for quality or comfort.
Kingsdown has built a company culture that is constantly looking for new ways to improve people’s sleep quality, and you’ll see that dedication in the wide range of specialty mattresses.
The company has also gained international appreciation and is a leading choice for customers in over 2,000 retailers worldwide.

The Kingsdown Collection

Kingsdown mattresses have become one of the most popular with consumers because they have individualized different products to suit all kinds of personal requirements.
Let me show you the most popular options.

Cool Wave

The Cool Wave Kingsdown mattress is specifically designed to regulate temperature while you sleep. The company has achieved this by designing multiple layers of interlocking and adaptive foam.
By using interlocking foam, you’ll experience different levels of firmness for your upper and lower body, as well as additional lumbar support to suit your needs.
The outer fabric and first support layer use materials that promote airflow to keep your body cooler and more comfortable
The memory foam blends are also infused with copper, silver, and graphite to ensure freshness and avoid smells developing.
And for a more convenient and sustainable transport experience, the mattress is innovatively rolled into a box.

Fresh Start

This coil spring mattress is designed to provide a therapeutic effect on your sleep quality.
The pocket coil system at the base consists of individually wrapped coil springs, which significantly reduce the movement transfer effect when a sleep partner turns in bed. This also reduces a sagging effect over time and provides maximum support adjusted for different parts of your body.
The latex foam layers provide exceptional comfort, and they come with the added bonus of being copper infused. This is known to promote more restorative sleep and is available in multiple firmness options.
And finally, the outer fabric layer is infused with silver to provide an antimicrobial effect for a healthier sleeping experience.


If you’ve ever had an exceptionally good sleep at a hotel, then the chances are that it was down to a Kingsdown king-size mattress from the hospitality collection.
These mattresses are designed for maximum durability and luxury comfort you would expect from a 5-Star experience. Now these hospitality mattresses are also available for your home, and they come in a range of configurations.
By choosing the right support and thickness, you’ll no longer wake up wondering why you don’t feel rested and ready for the day ahead.
You’ll give every morning that refreshed feeling you get on vacation in your favorite hotels.


Marketed as the ultimate comfort in a box, these Kingsdown mattresses offer a sleeping experience entirely based on foam technology.
The main support comes from an interlocking foam layer that adjusts the firmness across your body to promote a better body alignment for both side and back sleepers.
There is also an additional gel-infused memory foam layer that specifically adds support for your lumbar region and reduces pressure points that could mean waking up with aches and pains.
It also offers airflow technology in the outer fabric and upper foam layer to provide a cooling effect throughout the night.


If you tend to struggle with getting into a deep sleep, then the Levande Kingsdown mattress will transform your sleeping experience.
What makes this mattress so unique is the lavender-infused ventilation foam layer. Lavender offers natural sleep-inducing qualities that will help you drift off in a more relaxed state of mind.
And the ventilation built into this foam will keep your body cool to avoid waking up due to temperature fluctuations during the night.
Available in a medium-firm and firm option, you can make sure that your body and joints get the supportive comfort that best suits your personal preferences.


This Kingsdown mattress has one of the most innovative coil spring systems. First of all, each side of the bed is separated by motion separation foam to reduce the amount of movement you experience when your sleep partner moves.
And these Kingsdown hybrid mattresses feature a tri-zone coil system to offer different levels of firmness for your head and shoulders, torso, and legs.
The springs are then topped with foam and latex to provide a combination of perfect comfort and breathability for the best possible sleep.
It all adds up to a level of comfort where you simply get into bed and don’t spend half an hour trying to find the most comfortable position.


The Kingsdown Prime mattress offers another unique approach to designing the inner coils system. With stronger perimeter coils, you won’t feel a sudden drop in support as you move closer to the edge.
And with individually wrapped coils, you’ll avoid motion transfer and add a lot more support for all parts of your body.
The mattress is then topped with a combination of gel and memory foam for added lumbar support.
And to help with better temperature regulation, the upper fabrics and gel fibers offer a plush sleeping environment like no other.

Sleep Smart Air

Imagine being able to adjust your mattress depending on the type of day you’ve had or whether you need more or less firmness due to some joint pain.
And that’s exactly what you can achieve with the Sleep Smart Air Kingsdown mattresses.
With a built-in monitoring and adjustment system, you can use a clever and easy-to-use app to gradually change the settings.
The high-tech system then makes adjustments to the three individual support zones on each side of the bed to offer a completely unique sleeping environment.

Sleep To Live

Sleep To Live is another amazing mattress that helps couples who don’t have the same comfort and firmness requirements. Kingsdown has developed technology that lets you determine exactly what the ideal combination of coil springs and foam is.
And when those requirements are different for two people sharing a bed, then this mattress allows you to select different features on each side.
This is especially practical when one person wants to avoid specific pressure points on the back or hips, but the other person might need neck support instead.


The Vintage Kingsdown mattress takes an approach of combining natural materials like cotton and wool in the upper layers and then provides amazing support and comfort in the springs and foam layers.
And vintage here doesn’t mean that this mattress won’t have all the latest technology that Kingsdown has to offer.
It’s more about the classic look with tufted material and signature pattern styles that give it that vintage look but with all the advantages of a modern mattress.


And finally, we have the ZedBed, which is one of the most uniquely designed and sustainable memory foam mattresses available. Using eco-friendly soy-based foam and infusing it with botanicals, this mattress will help to give you an amazing night’s sleep.
It’s entirely based on different density foam materials rather than micro coils but still offers a level of comfort that you would expect from Kingsdown.
The main concept was to create a mattress with the same quality and comfort standards but by looking at sustainability and minimizing environmental impact in the manufacturing process.
It’s the perfect eco-mattress to reduce your environmental impact.

The Unique Kingsdown Mattress Technology

Kingsdown has created numerous innovations that have resulted in technology standards that very few other companies can compete with. That’s especially the case when you see how the company has combined those technologies in different ways to provide a unique and tailored mattress for all types of sleeping requirements.

The Innerspring System

Those mattresses with micro coils don’t just provide a certain number of springs with predetermined sizes. Kingsdown uses individually wrapped coils to reduce the amount of movement that is transferred from one side to the other.
As a result, you avoid the whole mattress creating waves as one person turns to another side.
It also makes the entire coil system a lot more durable so that you avoid experiencing deteriorating support over the years.

Adjustable Air System

One of the highlights that Kingsdown mattress has created is the adjustable air system that allows you to make changes to the level of support across multiple zones and multiple layers.
All of this is controlled through an app where you can adjust different settings to suit changing needs.
Whether different times of year require different pressure relief, or you simply like to take the approach of having the flexibility to change the mattress to suit your mood, this is one option that provides sleepers of all kinds with an amazing experience.

Adjustable Base

The adjustable bases from Kingsdown offer you a great way to transform your old bed into a completely adjustable one for different body positions.
Whether you like to sleep with your head in an elevated position or you prefer to relax with your legs raised to help with joint and back pain relief, these adjustable bases will give you a wide range of flexibility.

Cooling Foam

Kingsdown has also developed multiple different types of memory foam using a combination of foam and gel materials to maximize the ventilation effect of each mattress.
Helping you achieve a cooler and consistent temperature in bed is one of the key contributors to staying asleep and getting into a better sleep cycle. When your body heats up too much, it causes sweating, and it can also interfere with your deep and REM sleep resulting in more awake time.

Handmade Craftsmanship

One thing that has remained the same since Kingsdown was founded over a hundred years ago is the reliance on the skills of craftspeople rather than robots and machines.
This handmade approach starts with the selection of the raw materials and continues all the way through to the last stitch. At each step of the way, a highly skilled expert will assess the production process to ensure that every single mattress will provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Convenient Delivery Process

And finally, there is the unique approach to folding and rolling each mattress in a way that makes shipping and delivery incredibly easy.
Once your box arrives, it’s simply a case of unfolding it onto your old or new bed, and you’ll never notice the difference in the comfort it provides.

Finding The Right Mattress With The bedMatch Technology

Whether you go from store to store and try out different mattresses or you research the specifications online, there’s always a certain level of guesswork involved in choosing the right mattress.
Even with the latest memory foam technology, there are different firmness options that you’ll only fully appreciate when you spend some time lying down on the mattress.
What Kingsdown has done is come up with the bedMatch system that allows you to input a few details about yourself, and it then comes up with the ideal mattress specifications.
By entering your age, gender, sleeping position, height, weight, and even clothing sizes, you provide the system with all the relevant details.
Then simply provide information on whether you experience discomfort in certain parts of your body.
The end result is a recommendation for postural support that you can use to pick the ideal mattress online. With that information in hand, you can contact our customer support team, and we’ll guide you through making the detailed decision so that you make the perfect purchase that you won’t regret.
Our team has the experience of advising customers on the best possible choices, and you can take advantage of that experience by simply picking up the phone for a free consultation.

Superior Quality Mattresses Made In North Carolina

Kingsdown has stuck with a business decision that has given the company a level of brand loyalty that very few other mattress makers have achieved.
By sticking with meticulous craftsmanship and handmade techniques and using highly skilled employees in North Carolina, all the mattresses deliver the highest possible quality standard.
At the same time, that loyalty to the local economy and employees gives customers the added satisfaction of supporting the American economy, jobs, and families.
Not only will you have the most comfortable bed possible, but you’ll be helping to fund thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly through the large vendor supply chain.

Browse Our Kingsdown Mattress Collection

Whether you’re considering the most high-tech Kingsdown king-size mattress with the Sleep Smart Air, or you want to make an environmentally conscious decision with the ZedBed, you certainly won’t be let down with this collection.
And to help you get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had, contact our team today to help you figure out which Kingsdown mattress will best suit your personal needs and preferences.
This is a big decision, but one that you definitely won’t regret.