Where To Buy Classic Leather Furniture

When it comes to American-made leather furniture, there are very few companies that come even remotely close to the quality standards of Classic Leather Inc.
With over 50 years’ worth of experience, this company has seen many changes in the manufacturing industry. But one thing that sets this manufacturer apart is that they have stuck with handmade techniques and stayed loyal to their employees and customer base. The result is a level of perfection and a wide range of amazing design and customization options to choose from.

Let’s take a closer look at the company’s history.

The Classic Leather Furniture Company

Classic Leather Inc. is one of the oldest leather furniture manufacturers in America. The company is based in Hickory, NC, and continues to be a family-owned and run business.
Established in 1966, this is the oldest leather upholstery specialist, and when you see their product range, you’ll understand how their history and experience lead to superior and luxurious furniture.
The company also insists on only hiring the most qualified craftspeople in all aspects of the business. From the frame manufacturing shop to the upholstery processes, Classic Leather Inc. has stuck with time-honored techniques rather than cut costs and corners by switching to mass production and importing low-quality materials.
As a result, you invest in hand-crafted furniture pieces that will last for decades. And your investment will support American jobs, families, and local economies.

Classic Leather Quality Standards

North Carolina is known for being home to some of the best quality furniture, and Classic Leather Furniture continues to set the highest standards.

Exceptional Quality Leather

Classic Leather only uses the highest quality hides in their leather manufacturing shop. Every hide is carefully inspected before the leather marking and cutting process begins.
They also only use full and top-grain leather, which is by far the highest quality for appearance and durability. The result is a range of American classics that will last for decades and still look as great as the first day they arrived. So, if you have a busy family home or like to entertain guests in your living room, this leather will stand up to the wear and tear and continue to offer a wow effect.

Solid Hardwood Frames

Along with superior leather marking techniques, the company also sets some of the highest quality and production standards for the wood frames of leather sofas and chairs. Unlike mass-produced and cheap imports, you won’t find any soft or plywood materials that will sag or break within a few years. Classic Furniture handcrafts the frames from solid hardwood so that all the chairs, sofas, and stools will fully maintain their shape.

High-Density Foam

Classic Leather Furniture also uses very high specifications for the cushions in their leather sofas and chairs. This superior quality comes at a price, but you will notice the benefits when the cushions maintain their support and comfort for the life of the furniture. With cheap foam, the cushions can quickly start to sag, making them hard and uncomfortable to sit on. And that’s the last thing you want for your living room sofa and chairs.

Finishing Touches

To create these American classics, the company has made sure that you have a wide range of choices when it comes to the finishing touches.
This includes different shades of color for the final leather upholstery, as well as the option for nailhead trim on some of the styles available.
As a result, you’ll have a wide range of customization options to make your new sofa or chairs a truly unique piece of furniture you can be proud of.

The Classic Leather Furniture Collection

Let me show you what this North Carolina-based company has available for you to transform the look of your home.

Classic Leather Sofas

One of the first things you should look at is the range of leather sofas available for your living room. From a small loveseat to a large 3-seater sofa, there’s a right size for every home.
With a great range of classic, contemporary, and modern styles to choose from, you won’t have to compromise on the look either.
And because you want to enjoy the investment for many decades, Classic Leather only uses top and full-grain hides to ensure maximum durability.

Classic Leather Recliners

The recliners in the Classic Leather Furniture collection have long been one of the most sought-after pieces of furniture.
They have one of the smoothest reclining mechanisms available, and because of the high-quality standards, these chairs won’t start to break down after just a few years.
If you want to add maximum relaxation to your living room, then definitely consider adding one of these.

Classic Leather Dining Chairs

You can also extend your inspiration into the dining room with an amazing selection of Classic Leather dining chairs. With leather seats and back cushions, these chairs will become a centerpiece of your dining room.
You’ll also love the amazing comfort of the high-density foam that will support you and your guests for hours of entertainment at the dining table.

Classic Leather Office Chairs

With more people working out of a home office than ever, it’s time to consider treating yourself to an executive office chair. If you’ve ever seen one of these on TV, then wait until you sit on one.
It brings a whole new level of comfort, and the craftspeople from North Carolina have proven that they can bring that luxury executive experience into every home.

Classic Leather Bar Stools

Whether you have a man cave with a bar or you want to extend the seating arrangements at a kitchen counter for entertaining guests, these barstools from Classic Leather Furniture bring you the ultimate level of comfort.
Available with and without armrests, the stools offer great support so that your friends and family can enjoy many hours of shared company without feeling those typical aches and pains you get from bar stools.

American-Made Superior Quality Furniture

Classic Leather Furniture is a family-owned business from North Carolina that has a long and proven track record of being loyal to its employees and customers. The company knows what it means to be an American business and has maintained its manufacturing facility in North Carolina for decades.
Not only does that mean a level of quality that you can’t find with mass-produced and imported furniture, but you also gain the satisfaction of supporting the American economy.
That means high-quality manufacturing jobs that support local economies and the families of thousands of employees and suppliers.

Browse Our Classic Leather Furniture Today

Whether you’re looking for new furniture to add to your dining room, living room, or a home theater experience like no other, Classic Furniture has the most amazing choices available.
You can see the decades of experience and dedication to handmade craftsmanship in every single piece, and there’s no doubt that your investment will become a proud centerpiece of your home.
If you need any help with the available collection and with choosing the right design and finishing touches, then contact our support team today. We can advise you on what will work best so that you end up with true American classics.

You’ll find our contact details on the individual product pages, and we look forward to hearing from you.