Where To Buy Century Furniture

Century Furniture is one of the oldest furniture companies in America, offering amazing indoor and outdoor high-end residential furniture with amazing customization options.
This third-generation company’s high-quality standard with its hand-crafted furniture has attracted many loyal customers. And they regularly return for repeat business when they redecorate their home.
You’ll have choices for dining, living, and bedroom furniture, plus some great choices to furnish your garden or patio area.
Let’s now take a look at why so many people rank it as the best furniture company in America.

The Century Furniture Company

Century Furniture, based in Hickory, North Carolina, has produced amazing hand-crafted high-end residential furniture for over 70 years. It now has the reputation of being a design leader in the USA.
Despite many furniture manufacturers having outsourced to China to cut their production costs, Century Furniture stayed loyal to the visions of its founder, Harley Ferguson Shuford, by remaining in America.
Customers can purchase upholstered furniture customized to meet their needs. And with a collection of 700 different products manufactured to the highest quality standards, you’ll be spoilt for choice.
Here are just some of the company’s products.

The Century Furniture Collection

The Century Furniture company has a vast selection of upper-end residential furniture suitable for indoors and outdoors that range from a traditional to contemporary style.

Living Room

You’ll find a great variety of upholstered chairs ranging from accent to wing, club, swivel, and rocker or gliders and chaises.
Century Furniture has also created a ‘Chair N Half’ that is somewhere between an armchair and a sofa, and it can be customized to any style or size.
You’ll also have the choice of many designs for sofas, loveseats, and sectionals that are produced in various shapes.
So there’s upholstered furniture to suit all tastes depending on the available space in your living room.

Dining Room

For the ultimate dining experience, Century Furniture has an exceptional selection of dining room furniture that will enhance any home.
Whether planning a rectangular or round dining table, you’ll find some fantastic designs. There’s also an immense choice of dining chairs with or without arms and with a high or a low back.
And as there are an incredible amount of fabric designs and colors available, you can customize the furniture to suit your dining room decor.


It’s essential to have a comfortable bed to sleep in if you want to create the right atmosphere in your bedroom. Century Furniture offers an excellent selection of upholstered and wooden beds. For a bit of luxury, there’s the poster bed or for something more original, consider a sleigh bed.
To ensure comfort, there are king and queen-sized beds with upholstered and wood headboards.
And, of course, no bedroom would be complete without a nightstand. There’s a selection of ones with a couple of drawers to store small items or just one storage drawer for larger items.
Then, to set off the room, check out the available dressers or chests that will be a perfect match with your new bed and nightstand.


Depending on your needs, you’ll find a great selection of outdoor accent tables, cocktail tables, side tables, or dining tables. Then add some accent chairs, dining chairs, or bar stools, and you’ll have an inviting setting to entertain family or friends that will also be an attractive addition to any outdoor area.
But if you’re looking for comfort, check out a chaise, loveseat, sofa, or sectional. These are luxury items to relax outdoors on a warm evening.

Century Furniture Quality Standards

Since Century Furniture began producing furniture in 1947, quality standards have been of the utmost importance. That is why the company has become the leader in upholstered furniture production in the USA.
With more than 2000 top-quality upholstery fabrics to select from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s a selection of regular, all-performance, and outdoor fabrics in either plain colors or various patterns.
The patterns range from floral to novelty print and stripes and plaids. When you choose the right combination, you can expect a unique look to match your personality to your home decor.
Try matching some throw pillows for added attraction to the chairs and sofas. You can choose from various designs such as ruffles or diamond-quilted, which are produced to exceptionally high standards.
But one of the most exceptional features is that you can have a monogram stitched onto the upholstery or the throw pillows. And there’s a selection of sleek or fancy designs to choose from that come in various colors ranging from a deep Carolina Red to Light Aqua, Ivory, or White.


You’ll want the visible wood of the frame construction to match any other furniture you have in your home. To ensure it is a perfect match, craftspeople carefully prepare the wood by hand before giving it the finishing touch.
The result is a standout feature whether it’s a large wooden table or intricately carved feet on a sofa.

Nailhead Trim

If you want to give your furniture a rustic, classic look that will stand out, consider adding nailhead trim.
Whatever type and style of nail you choose, this finishing touch will complement the upholstery lines and add character and charm to any room.
The nailheads come in brass, nickel, and chrome with either a smooth, dusted, or rustic finish. So by choosing ones to complement your chosen upholstery fabric, you’ll be sure of having a unique piece of furniture.

Custom Options

There are many options to help you customize your furniture to your specifications.
Apart from the type and finish of the wood, you’ll be able to choose the color and design of the fabric and the nailhead trim.
You may be attracted to the top of one table but prefer the base of another. Or you may like the design of a wooden chair but would like to substitute it for metal.
And you can choose whether you want a loose seat or a tight seat cover and even change the cushion style from a T-style to straight.

Superior Quality Furniture From North Carolina

Century Furniture products are predominantly made from American sourced materials by highly qualified artisans in Hickory, North Carolina. And the company still works to the same high standards introduced when it was founded more than 70 years ago.
By purchasing from the Century Furniture company, you can be confident that your furniture will be of the highest quality possible and will last for decades.
Customers claim to not only be proud of purchasing customized furniture manufactured in North Carolina but also of supporting American jobs and the local economy.

Browse Our Century Furniture Collection

If you’re looking for unique, superior-quality upholstered furniture, take some time to browse through our Century upper-end residential furniture. It’s not only highly durable but also offers the ultimate in comfort.
Each piece is hand-crafted, and the company offers an amazing range of design styles and upholstery fabrics for you to customize your order.
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