Where To Buy Taylor King Furniture

Taylor King offers top-quality custom upholstered furniture suitable for your entire home. And due to the high production standard, it’s rated as one of the nation’s leading manufacturers.
The company also offers a great selection of upholstery types and colors for customers to choose from, allowing for creativity and unique customization options.
With an unparalleled commitment to delivering handmade furniture, this company has attracted a loyal customer base that regularly comes back for repeat orders.
Let’s find out a bit more about this company.

The Taylor King Furniture Company

Taylor King is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of custom upholstered furniture employing highly skilled craftspeople who use handmade techniques.
Herman Shook started Taylor King in 1974 in Taylorsville, North Carolina, and now, with more than 50 years of experience in furniture production, it still produces high-quality furniture in the same place.
It prides itself on its unparalleled commitment to sustainable practices. Apart from putting emphasis on waste reduction, it produces springs that are lead-free, and they make them from 95% recycled steel. It is classed among the top eco-friendly furniture companies in the USA.
Let’s look at what they offer in their collection.

The Taylor King Furniture Collection

As a first-class producer of custom-made furniture tailored to your needs, the company offers an extensive fabric line for its handcrafted upholstery for bedroom and living room furniture.

Taylor King Chairs

With the right mix of couture fabrics and everyday fabrics available in various colors and patterns, the collection includes chairs to match your living room furniture or ones that are suitable for any other room.
Maybe you want a beautiful piece to draw attention to your living space or else comfortable chairs for your dining area. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it in this collection.

Taylor King Sofas

The sofas in this collection are incredibly comfortable. With a vast design selection, you’ll quickly find one with the ideal combination of comfort and dimension that you can customize to suit your living space.

Taylor King Recliners

Whether you’re planning a recliner chair, sofa, or sectional, you’ll find a great selection that offers a supreme comfort experience. Some recliner chairs even have features like a swivel function, and you’ll also be able to decide whether or not you want a motorized recliner.

Taylor King Beds

Taylor King offers an excellent choice of beds ranging from day beds to queen or king-size beds. And you’ll have the combination of an extensive fabric line and a variety of colors to choose from to customize it to suit your needs.

North Carolina-Made Superior Quality Furniture

One of the most important things with this custom upholstered furniture is that the company only operates in the USA and North Carolina. And as it employs highly skilled craftspeople who only use the highest quality material in production, you can be sure of purchasing top-quality American furniture.
This ensures a level of quality and durability that no mass-produced or imported furniture can come even remotely close to.
When purchasing Taylor King furniture, you’ll undoubtedly be proud of supporting the American economy and having made an eco-friendly choice.

Browse Our Taylor King Furniture Collection

The selection we can offer you in this high-quality custom upholstered furniture is unbeatable.
With just the right mix of couture fabrics and everyday fabrics that Taylor King provides, you’re sure to find a beautiful piece of furniture to suit your room decor.
Take the opportunity to browse our Taylor King collection to see first-hand what the company offers.
And if you need any assistance, contact one of our team members, who will be more than happy to support you with any questions you have.
We look forward to helping you find the best furniture tailored to your needs.