Where To Buy Leathercraft Furniture

Leathercraft Furniture is one of the most sought-after American furniture manufacturers offering products for the entire home.
The company has set such high production standards that our customers stay loyal to them by coming back for repeat business whenever they are redecorating more rooms.
That quality standard is directly tied to the fact that the factory is based in North Carolina, which also means that purchasing Leathercraft furniture will support manufacturing jobs in America.
Now let’s take a look at this company and find out why it’s one of the best in America.

The Leathercraft Furniture Company

Leathercraft Furniture is among the top few American leather furniture manufacturers who still use handmade techniques to be able to manufacture perfect leather furniture.
They have more than 50 years of experience in furniture manufacturing and only hire highly skilled craftspeople so that you can expect superior craftsmanship from Leathercraft products.
At a time when many furniture manufacturers outsourced their operations to Asia to cut costs, Leathercraft remained loyal to its employees and customers. The result is a quality standard that you can’t find with imported furniture.
The reason Leathercraft has so many repeat customers is down to the durability that this furniture can deliver. With the right care and maintenance, these pieces of leather furniture can last for decades becoming a central part of your home.
From solid hardwood frames to full grain leather and hand tied springs, Leathercraft has a level of experience that is difficult to beat.
So, let’s take a look at what they have to offer in their collection.

The Leathercraft Furniture Collection

You’ll find the perfect furniture that suits your requirements and home decor in our Leathercraft seating options.

Leathercraft Sofas

Very few other American furniture brands offer a sofa style selection that can beat those offered by Leathercraft Furniture.
Leathercraft caters to all needs in its collection of sofas, whether you are planning for a one-room apartment, a house, or a large country home.

Leathercraft Chairs And Recliners

You’ll find a large selection of chairs and recliners in the Leathercraft Furniture collection. And these are becoming increasingly popular with our customers.
Whether you’re looking for something new in your living space or for your dining room, you’ll find a style with the ideal dimension and comfort combination to suit your needs.
Besides the large selection of recliners, Leathercraft Furniture also offers sofas with a built-in recliner function to give you the ultimate comfort experience.

Leathercraft Stools

There’s no better way of pepping up your kitchen than by adding Leathercraft bar stools. They come in a great variety of colors and are upholstered in extremely durable grain leathers.
You’ll find a design and style to suit any home decor.

Leathercraft Loveseats

A loveseat is smaller in dimension than a sofa, so it can be the ideal solution if you only have a small space to cater for. As you’ll have a large selection of leather colors and detailed trimmings to choose from, you’ll find a Leathercraft loveseat suitable to match any home decor.

Leathercraft Sectionals

If you want to maximize the seating space in your living area, you should consider sectional leather furniture.
It’s suitable for living rooms, and you can also use it as entertainment furniture for a home cinema. And with Leathercraft’s upholstery choice of high-quality grain leathers, you won’t need to worry about spills causing stains.

Leathercraft Executive Chairs

Whether you’re looking for leather furniture suitable for a home office or a board room, Leathercraft offers a good selection of swivel chairs with ultimate comfort. And they also provide enough lumbar support so you won’t suffer from back ache however long you need to sit.

Customization Options

Leathercraft Furniture offers a large selection of customization options that not many other furniture brands can compete with.
The following features will provide you with the possibility of creating a unique design that will suit your home decor perfectly.

  • Type and finish of the wood
  • Color and shade of grain leathers
  • Details on nailhead trim
  • Choice of fabrics
  • Powder coat finish on exposed metal parts

And you can expect to be spoiled for choice with the number of options available. When you combine these with the design you select, you’ll have a unique piece of leather furniture that will make you the envy of your friends and family.

To help you choose the right option, we have simplified the ordering process. This means that there’s no need for confusion when wondering what will be the best choice for your home.
We have customer care assistants who will be happy to assist you if you have problems with this process or have any queries. When you click on the product design, you’ll find the necessary contact details to either talk to a team member directly or fill in a contact form.

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We can offer you a large selection of top-quality leather furniture in our Leathercraft collection that no other furniture brands can beat.
This American-made furniture is produced in North Carolina so that you can expect the highest possible quality from a true American business. Whatever kind of home decor you have, you’ll be able to customize colors and features to design a style to suit your needs.
Browse our collection to find the perfect furniture suitable for your lifestyle. Then contact us for more details on the ordering process and expected delivery times.
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