Where To Buy Design Master Furniture

The Designmaster Furniture company is well known for creating attractive residential and hospitality dining pieces that are pleasing to the eye while still supporting the body.
Its designers strive to create quality dining furniture to give customers ultimate comfort. And as the chairs can be customized at an affordable price, customers can design them in a style that will match their interior decor.
And for this, there’s a fantastic choice of leather and fabric upholstery materials available in a great range of designs and colors.
But let’s first check out what this company is about.

The Designmaster Furniture Company

Ted Corwin founded the Designmaster Furniture company in Hickory, North Carolina in 1989. Now after over 30 years of experience of exceptional craftsmanship and impeccable tailoring, it has become a leader in the designer dining room sector.
The company designers stay alert to the latest trends in the industry, so they can give their customers stylish products at an affordable price that offer the ultimate in comfort.
And there are a significant amount of customization options that allow you to design the perfect style to match your home decor.

The Designmaster Furniture Collection

Whatever seating you’re looking for, Designmaster Furniture has an exceptional selection of products to choose from that can be customized to suit your comfort level and style needs.
Let me show you the most popular products.

Designmaster Dining Chairs

The amazing selection of dining chairs available in the Designmaster range offers a level of comfort and design that few other companies can offer.
The unique engineering techniques the craftspeople use to form dining chairs with or without armrests ensure top comfort for decades.
And, for a perfect design to match your interior decor, the features available for you to customize your order include a fantastic choice of plain and patterned upholstery coverings and wood finishes in a variety of colors.

Designmaster Dining Stools

The highly unusual design of some of the dining stools that Designmaster Furniture offers will impress your guests and enhance your dining experience.
Regardless of style, this collection’s top-quality dining stools and chairs have the same dimension seat height, depth, and back pitch. So for originality, you can mix and match different style stools to place around tables, and that will create an artistic atmosphere.
Apart from the traditional straight backs, there are also curved or round back designs to give you extra lumbar support.

Designmaster Lounge Chairs

You’ll often find lounge chairs placed in waiting rooms and lobby areas, or even outdoors at hotel resorts. The backs are slightly tilted, so they are perfect for relaxing while also offering great back support.
Designmaster has now come up with similar designs that are an ideal choice for relaxation in comfort in your own home. You can choose a slightly curved or a barrel back, then customize your choice from the design features offered.

Designmaster Host Chairs

The high backs of the Designmaster host chairs ensure a high level of comfort even when sitting for extended periods.
In this collection, you’ll find some stunning designs with or without armrests that will command attention. And as these chairs are usually only placed at the head of the table, some options offer a matching design in low-back chairs and stools to complete the desired effect for your dining space.

Designmaster Side Chairs

Side chairs are a great addition to place around dining tables or as accent pieces in a bedroom.
Designmaster has crafted some very unusual but strikingly beautiful side chairs in traditional and retro-modern design that you can mix with the host chairs in your dining room.
And with the customization option, you’ll be proud of creating a design statement that offers comfort and quality.

Designmaster Banquette Chairs

Banquette chairs are a stylish way to save space in a smaller room as there’s room to sit more people than with conventional tables and chairs. And they’re considerably more comfortable and luxurious than the traditional bench.
Designmaster has created banquette chairs to match the style of its dining chairs and stools to ensure uniformity,
They are an attractive addition to the tables and chairs, and the styles offered will suit most interior decors.

Designmaster Furniture Quality Standards

Designmaster Furniture prides itself on the quality construction and craftsmanship used to create products that are attractive and will match any interior design.
Residential And Hospitality Use
Designmaster Furniture has earned the title of one of the leaders in the designer dining room sector as the stunning design of the products is suitable for residential and hospitality use.
The hospitality sector expects furniture to withstand constant use for long periods. So hardwood is necessary to enhance the products’ longevity.
As Designmaster only uses superior quality materials for production, you can expect the same design choice and durability for residential as for hospitality usage.

Fabrics Choices

The upholstery leather and fabric choice available for customizing Designmaster chairs are unbeatable. There’s a great range of colors for the top grain leathers. But you’ll be spoilt for choice with the fabric textures, designs, and colors that will match any style.
And when you choose the right combination of design and color, you’ll have unique style chairs that will add character and personality to your dining space.

Wood Finishes

As the visible wood on the chair frame should match other furniture in your room, this is one of the most important features offered for customization.
The wood finishes of all Designmaster Furniture chairs are composed of top-grade wood that talented craftspeople carefully prepare before giving the wood the finishing touch by staining it to the color of your choice.
As it’s finished to the highest possible standards, it will remain looking great for many decades.

Nailhead Trim

Nailhead trim is another quality feature that Designmaster offers on selected chairs. This feature is standard for some styles and optional for others.
There’s a choice of small or large nailheads that come in various colors. And they are generally placed around the base of the seat, up the sides, and across the top of the backrest.
Whichever size nailhead you choose, this finishing touch will add character and charm to your chairs and give them a rustic, classic look.


The four or five casters on most dining chairs are spread equally to distribute body weight across the seat evenly. They also help protect the legs of the chair from becoming damaged when pulled from under the table.
Some Designmaster chairs have casters as a standard feature, but it’s also an option for other styles. And there’s a choice of caster style so you can match them to the style of your chairs and interior design.

Superior Quality Furniture From North Carolina

There are many reasons to purchase from the Designmaster Furniture dining collection.
By only employing highly talented artisans to work with top-quality materials, the company guarantees a quality construction that combines impeccable tailoring with craftsmanship. And you’ll have the advantage of customizing the furniture to your individual needs.
The skilled craftspeople build solid frames from the high-quality hardwood from the Appalachian forests. And as wood is abundant in North Carolina, there’s no worry about material shortages.
Customers who purchase Designmaster Furniture can be sure of durable, top-quality products at an affordable price. And that purchase will also support the American economy, jobs, and families.

Browse Our Designmaster Furniture Collection

To experience craftsmanship at its best, browse through our selection of top-quality dining products hand-crafted in a range of design styles by Designmaster Furniture artisans.
With the frames’ superior quality construction and the impeccable tailoring of the upholstery, your unique dining furniture could last a lifetime.
For further information, or if you have any questions regarding the customization process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. A member of our customer care team will be happy to be of assistance.
We look forward to helping you find the right dining furniture to enhance your dining experience.