Where To Buy Baker Furniture

There are very few furniture manufacturers in America with the same level of name recognition as the Baker Furniture Company. It has such a long history of highly creative furniture designs and exceptional durability standards that vintage Baker furniture is highly sought after today.
That long history of dedication to creating the most amazing furniture collections is visible in every single product this company offers.
No matter what kind of interior design you’re trying to achieve, the Baker Furniture Company has such a wide range of products that it would be difficult not to find a suitable option.
Let me first introduce you to the company.

A Company With A Long American History

The Baker Furniture Company’s history began when it was founded by Siebe Baker in 1890. He was an immigrant from the Netherlands and started the company as a woodwork shop and as a door manufacturer.
Within a few years, he started making his first pieces of furniture, starting with desks and storage units.
By the 1910s, the company went beyond just creating functional furniture and embraced the Art Deco movement. From there, designs expanded into classic English styles and later also included a Far East Collection.
Headquartered in North Carolina, this company has stayed loyal to its employees and customer base by handcrafting all the furniture. That means no mass-produced parts or entire products and no cheap imported furniture that you’ll need to replace in just a few years.

The Baker Furniture Collection

The Baker Furniture Company has created a wide range of products that cover all rooms of your home and also provide options for outdoor spaces as well.
Let me show you where you can start to find a collection that matches your personal style.

Living Room Furniture

We’ll start with one of the most important rooms of any home.

Baker Furniture Sofas

Baker Furniture has had one of the largest ranges of sofa design choices for a few decades, and there aren’t many other companies that can come close to the number of choices you have.
From the classic antique look of the Port Eliot sofa to the clean lines of the Province sofa, you won’t have any difficulty finding a great match for your home.

Baker Furniture Chairs

Living room chairs are a great way to add individual seating, especially when you have a certain area that isn’t quite large enough for another sofa or loveseat. And the Baker Furniture Company has created an amazing range of chairs that will give you more than enough choices to suit your decor.
From a classic tufted upholstery backrest in the Paris Club Chair to the modern and futuristic look of the Sway Lounge Chair, you’ll have plenty of inspiration.

Baker Furniture Sectionals

For the ultimate visual impact and to have a true statement piece of furniture in your living room, the Baker Furniture Company has created amazing sectional sofa designs.
These large sofas are ideal for taking advantage of a corner area, and they also work amazingly in an open-plan living space where you want to create a visual boundary between different areas.
You’ll even have the flexibility to configure your sectional with a specific number of seats allowing you to extend it into a U-shape.

Baker Furniture Chaises

Chaise lounge chairs are a great addition to a living room if you have the space to accommodate them. They offer the maximum level of comfort and relaxation, and the Baker Furniture Company has created some amazing classic antique and modern designs.

Baker Furniture Storage Solutions

The Baker Furniture Company also has a great range of storage solutions for your living room, which allows you to find a great bookcase, media unit, and even chests with Art Deco designs.
You can tone it down to make sure that your sofa remains the main visual attraction, or you can go for a stand-out design that immediately draws your attention.

Baker Furniture Tables

Whether you need a large coffee table with oak wood and a glass top, or you’re looking for a small side or console table for some added convenience, the Baker Furniture Company has no shortage of style choices.
The spot tables are a particularly attractive and practical way to add a modern twist to your living room in a way that no other brand has achieved.

Baker Furniture Accessories

And finally, no living room is complete without some accent pieces to decorate the room. From throw pillows to amazing mirror and wall shelves, the Baker Furniture Company gives you plenty of choices for a one-stop-shop redesign project.

Dining Room Furniture

Moving onto the dining room collection, the Baker Furniture Company has taken a decisive approach to make modern, contemporary, and classic style choices available.

Baker Furniture Dining Tables

Whether you’re looking for a large rectangular or oval dining table, or you need a small round table because you have limited space, the Baker Furniture Company has plenty of items to choose from.
The table features include classic oak wood or a heavy marble base and top and allow you to perfectly match a style with your home decor.

Baker Furniture Dining Chairs

One reason the Baker Furniture Company has such brand recognition is due to the amazing choices they offer for dining chairs. From an antique English Queen Anne chair to the Art Deco Seido Chair, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to decide on how intricate or modern you want your dining room to be.

Baker Furniture Stools

The Baker Furniture Company also has a wide range of bar and counter stools available that range from a simple stool with no backrest to amazingly comfortable products with cushioned backrests.
These are comfortable enough to make you want to enjoy the company of friends and family for hours.

Baker Furniture Lighting

From floor lamps to chandeliers and beautiful table lamps for a console table, the Baker Furniture Company has hired designers to create style choices that will perfectly match up with the other dining room items you’re buying.
That gives you a lot of flexibility to fully kit out your new layout without having to sacrifice to find the perfect match.

Baker Furniture Storage And Display

You’ll also need some storage space in your dining room. Not only is this a practical requirement, but it’s also important to make sure that you don’t end up in a completely cluttered space.
The Baker Furniture Company has great options for cabinets and servers that are suitable for any kind of room style. The visual impact you can achieve with these pieces of furniture makes them an essential part of your shopping research.

Bedroom Furniture

Next up, let’s take a closer look at why so many customers of Baker Furniture choose their bedroom furniture with these exceptional choices.

Baker Furniture Beds

Whether you’re looking for a queen-size bed or a custom king-size one, you’ll find great choices for size and design in this collection. You have a great range of choices for different headboards that will either give you a highly detailed classic design or the option to tone things down with modern and sleek lines.

Baker Furniture Dressers

With the choices of dressers available, you’ll have a great opportunity to perfectly match your bedroom storage with the overall color theme and style of bed you have chosen.
These include contemporary and modern options with a great choice of fewer large drawers or a large number of small drawers.

Baker Furniture Nightstands

One of the most important pieces of furniture for your bedroom is the style of nightstand you pick. The Baker Furniture Company has created nightstands that are a perfect match for the different bed styles available, and they can also perfectly tie in with the dresser and seating you have chosen.

Baker Furniture Bedroom Seating

You also have a great choice of chaises and benches that are ideal for adding some convenient seating to your bedroom. Whether it’s a small bench or a luxurious chaise lounge to make a great statement in your bedroom, you won’t be lacking inspiration.

Baker Furniture Accent Pieces

Once you have the main pieces of furniture chosen, it’s time to turn your attention to some accessory pieces to give your bedroom more of a visual impact.
You can add some great mirrors and throw pillows, and there’s even a traditional style foldable screen that will give you a unique look and experience.

Baker Furniture Lighting

And finally, you want to make sure that you have perfectly matching lighting. The designers at the Baker Furniture Company have put together a great selection of lighting, from table and floor lamps to amazing chandeliers, that will give your bedroom that classic interior style.

Workplace Furniture

Baker Furniture has a long history of creating workspace furniture that can transform any office environment. Whether you’re trying to transform a commercial space or just want to make your home office a more special environment, this is definitely the place to get started.

Baker Furniture Desks

From the unique Fractal Desk to the Hemingway Desk with a combination of oak and cast bronze, you’ll be able to have a workspace that is like no other. You also have stunning desks available with plenty of space for multiple screens and storage space in drawers as well.
And if you want to create an antique look with a brand new piece of furniture, then Baker Furniture has come up with something very special with the Archer Desk.

Baker Furniture Workspace Tables

Another way to make your office completely unique with some added flexibility from some additional workstations is by adding a console table. These are smaller than the desks and give you the convenience of being able to have multiple workstations for different kinds of tasks.

Baker Furniture Workspace Cabinets

Keeping your home office and workspace tidy and uncluttered is an important part of making it a productive environment. And that will mean having the necessary furniture to store all the things that you don’t need on your desk at all times.

Baker Furniture Workspace Lighting

The Baker Furniture Company has also put together a great collection of floor and table lamps that are the ideal addition to your office space. Whether you want something modern and simple or keep a more classic style, you’ll have plenty of choices that perfectly match your new desk.

Baker Furniture Workspace Accessories

You’ll also have some great accessories to choose from that can transform your home office. Whether it’s some wall shelving for accent pieces or a mirror to open up your office space even more, having such a one-stop shop available will make your redesign a lot easier.

Outdoor Furniture

The Baker Furniture Company has also expanded its collection to provide you with exceptional quality outdoor furniture that will transform your garden and patio area. If you want to create a welcoming space to entertain friends and family outdoors, then this is where you want to start.

Baker Furniture Outdoor Sofas

To achieve maximum comfort and durability, the designers made sure that they picked aluminum for a sturdy frame that won’t rust and thick cushions that provide exceptional comfort for relaxing outdoors.
You also have great design choices, from woven wicker to a more traditional look of the Gondola Outdoor Settee.

Baker Furniture Outdoor Chairs

You’ll also have beautiful matching chairs for your new sofa to add either more seating to a casual relaxation area or as outdoor dining chairs. Not only will they look amazing on your patio, but they will stand up to all kinds of weather conditions.

Baker Furniture Outdoor Chaises

The Baker Furniture Company has also made sure that you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation during the summer months. These chaise lounges offer a fantastic look that will be the perfect addition to your pool area.
The tick cushions will give you all the comfort you need to spend the day in your garden and enjoy the warm summer sun.

Baker Furniture Outdoor Benches

Another option you have for adding space-saving seating to your patio area is with a bench from the Baker Furniture outdoor collection. These are comfortable enough to sit on for a drinks reception, and the light frame makes it easy to move them around to wherever you might need them.

Baker Furniture Outdoor Tables

And finally, you’ll want to make one of the Baker outdoor dining and coffee tables a centerpiece for your patio. You have a great choice of sizes and shapes to perfectly match the available space. And with a stylish cocktail table, you’ll have a casual area for enjoying drinks with your friends and family.

The Barbara Barry Collection

Barbara Barry is one of the world’s most celebrated designers of bespoke furniture.
Baker introduced a partnership that has involved bringing Barbara Barry’s designs into an entire collection.
She draws a lot of her inspiration from nature, and that gives you a selection of chairs, tables, and accessories that have a completely unique appearance.
It’s the perfect combination of simple modern lines combined with more classical style features like elegant wood. The result is an amazing contemporary look that will make this Barbara Barry furniture a prized centerpiece for your home.

The McGuire Originals Collection

John and Elinor McGuire brought completely different styles into the furniture industry, and the Baker Furniture Company has honored that uniqueness in this amazing collection.
It’s the perfect look that defines California casual, making it ideal for an interior design where you don’t want flashy furniture but still want it to catch the eye. By combining beautiful materials and textures, you’ll have a whole new experience from a look and feel perspective.
This collection includes chairs, tables, beds, and storage pieces that can give you a continuous flow from your bedroom to your living and dining room.

The Stately Homes Collection

If you love the look of the vintage Baker furniture collection, then you can bring it into your home with this brand new collection that gives you options for many different 18th and 19th-century styles from around the world.
The intricate details in the fabrics and carved wood make these pieces stand out and instantly give you the feeling of an English royal home.
They are the perfect choice for creating an amazing seating area where the furniture isn’t just a practical addition but intended to strike up conversations and make friends and family want to spend as much time in this space as possible.

Superior Quality Materials

No matter which one of the many different styles you end up deciding on, there are certain quality features that you can expect from every single piece of furniture in the collections.
And it’s these quality standards that Baker Furniture has stuck with for decades resulting in a loyal customer base that understands why it’s so important to have the right combination of style and durability.

Great Choice Of Wood

From the frames in the sofas and chairs to the table tops of the modern and vintage Baker furniture, you will always have the peace of mind that your furniture is made using the highest quality wood.
You have tables with oak and walnut and beds with mahogany for exceptional durability, and you simply won’t have to question whether the materials will stand up to the test of time.
All the wood frames, whether exposed or hidden under the sofa design, are made from kiln-dried hardwood. This ensures that it won’t warp or sag and will maintain its perfect shape for decades to come.

High-Quality Fabrics

Baker Furniture is famous for its incredible choice of upholstered goods. Not only has the company made sure that they use the best possible textiles for indoor and outdoor durability, but you also have one of the widest choices when it comes to patterns and colors.
This is important for people who don’t just want to choose a typical stock material that thousands of other people have.
Instead, you can combine different styles with an upholstery pattern and color that will perfectly suit your home and personality. Whether it’s a bold color with intricate patterns or a neutral tone that blends in without making too much of a visual impact, you’ll have no shortage of customization choices.
And with fabrics that are designed to last for decades, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear, making your prized new furniture look ugly within a few years.

Great Choice Of Finishes

All of the exposed wood on any of the furniture collections is available in a wide range of color finishes. And when you combine the different styles with specific fabrics and color finishes, then you’ll understand that the thousands of different combinations truly give you a unique custom piece every time.
Whether you want some deep and dark colors for vintage Baker furniture or light cream or ivory to brighten up the room, with over a dozen choices for the wood color finishes, you’ll have everything you need to achieve the perfect home decor.

Handmade Furniture Making Processes

While the designs have changed throughout the company’s history, from vintage Baker furniture of the original Far East Collection to the modern Barbara Barry collection, one thing has always remained the same.
Every piece you buy is custom-made to order using handcrafted techniques.
The company has stayed loyal to its employees and the local economy by not switching to cost-saving mass-production techniques or even imported products.
From the upholstered goods to the wood and stone materials, everything is worked on by highly skilled craftspeople who show true pride in what they are creating.
And you can see that handmade touch in every single product.

Superior Quality Furniture From North Carolina

North Carolina is famous for being home to the best American furniture companies. And that brings the huge advantage of having a large pool of exceptionally talented craftspeople.
Since the very first vintage Baker furniture was released, the company has remained dedicated to the American economy and hasn’t ever resorted to cutting costs or quality by producing outside the USA.
Remaining in North Carolina to this day has given the company well-deserved name recognition. And that also means that your purchase will support thousands of manufacturing jobs both directly and through the company’s suppliers.
There really is no better way to support the local economy with your furniture choices.

Browse Our Baker Furniture Collection

Whether you are interested in the Barbara Barry collection or you want to go for one of the antique styles, there’s not going to be a shortage of choices for you to get started with your new redesign project.
And with all the customization options, you’ll definitely be able to create the ideal look to match your interior design goals.
If you need help with any of the products or customization options, then contact our customer support team today.
We can answer any questions you have and will be more than happy to help you make the right choices.