Where To Buy Precedent Furniture

Precedent upholstered furniture is renowned for offering outstanding value for its top-quality products to ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction.
The standard is reached by highly skilled craftspeople using sustainable practices for hand-crafting its furnishings.
But quality is not all that you can expect.
The design and style of the products are exceptional, and for customizing your order, there’s a fantastic selection of upholstery fabrics and leathers to choose from that will give you the chance to make a one-of-a-kind design statement.
Let’s take a look at what this company stands for.

The Precedent Furniture Company

As a division of Sherrill Furniture, the Precedent Furniture company of Newton, North Carolina, prides itself on superior craftsmanship and exceptional design.
It has over thirty years of experience manufacturing sustainably crafted modern furniture that is of exceptional value.
By employing master craftspeople and preserving limited resources through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, it creates the most comfortable furniture imaginable that will suit any home.
And as it offers thousands of options for customizing luxurious furnishings using certified timber and recycled steel, it allows you to achieve the perfect look for your home.
Here’s what Precedent Furniture has to offer.

The Precedent Furniture Collection

Precedent furniture has an amazing selection of high-quality furnishings that can be customized to suit any interior decor.
Let me give you an overview of this collection.


The Precedent furniture collection consists of mid-century modern to classic design sofas upholstered in fabric or leather. These sofas provide ultimate comfort and a style to suit any home.
Whether you’ve set your heart on a two-seater or an oversized family-size sofa, you’ll find exactly what you need in this collection.
Precedent Furniture also provides customized options to ensure a combination of comfort and dimensions that will give you a one-off design for your living space. And the quality ensures you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort for decades.


Sectionals are the perfect solution for a family room if you want to maximize the use of space. They provide extra seating that is extremely comfortable when sitting together.
You’ll have an unlimited choice to individualize a Precedent sectional, including purchasing the number of elements needed to fit the available space.
The basic design is the traditional standard sofa shape sectional. Or, if you like a bit more comfort, choose the left or right-arm loveseat or chaise elements that will also add charm to your room.


Precedent has crafted a great selection of accent chairs, from the traditional style wing back chair to lounge chairs. And it also has a ‘Chair and Half’, which is excellent if you have limited space, but like to sit in comfort with your partner.
You can also take advantage of the company’s design features to customize the chairs to suit your lifestyle and interior decor.
Then you’ll be sure of getting maximum comfort and the level of lumbar support you need to last for decades.


You’ll get the perfect setting for a good night’s sleep by purchasing a stylish Precedent bed. With queen- and king-size leather and fabric upholstered beds in the collection, you’ll find the ideal option for your bedroom.
And the customizing options include an extensive fabric line and leathers in various colors for you to choose from. Then to further enhance the design, you can add a nailhead trim finish for a classic and rustic look.

Swivel Chairs

Precedent Furniture offers a range of swivel and swivel/glider chairs that come in various shapes and sizes. And you can choose the functional and design features to suit your needs.
When you sit in these chairs, you’ll soon realize that hand-crafted furniture gives you the advantage of providing maximum comfort together with ergonomic support.
Precedent Furniture Quality Standards
Precedent Furniture is one of North Carolina’s most highly respected producers due to its excellent sustainable practices and quality standards that few other brands can reach.


Precedent offers consumers a vast selection of customization options for its products with over 600 design fabrics manufactured by top mills in America,
By choosing the right combination of individual designs and textures, you’ll have a unique piece of furniture that will perfectly match your personality to your home decor.

Leg And Arm Finishes

Artisans strive to provide optional finishes for the legs and arms of the furniture for the company to provide its customers with a perfect match for their homes. They prepare the wood carefully by hand before adding the finishing touches of your choice.
The result is one of the most striking features of the furniture, and with proper care, your furniture could last for generations.


Precedent offers optional cushion comfort levels for many styles to ensure ultimate comfort. The range includes cushions with springs or ones filled with foam.
But for optimum luxury, there are ones that have a combination of feathers and down. Whether you decide on the standard or choose an optional luxury level, you can be sure that the cushion has been produced with your comfort in mind.

Nailhead Trim

Nailhead trim is one of the most remarkable features to help your furniture stand out as it will give the piece a classic, rustic look that will add character to any room.
Precedent has an assortment of decorative nails that will give the proper accent to your furniture to make it unique. These nailheads are generally applied to the front, sides, and arms and are available in sizes ranging from small to medium and large.

Superior Quality Furniture From North Carolina

Precedent Furniture produces its product range in North Carolina, which is known as the ‘Furniture Capital of America.’
As the Appalachian hardwood is in abundant supply from the hardwood forests nearby, it is the most suitable area for the furniture industry, and there is no fear of material shortages.
Precedent takes advantage of the quality and supply chain of the wood. And by doing so, it can offer customized furniture produced by top artisans to ensure a quality that can’t be achieved by mass-produced or imported furniture.
By purchasing Precedent upholstered furniture, you’ll be supporting the American economy and local jobs.

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The unmistakable value you can expect from Precedent furniture is unbeatable.
With the high-quality products, choice of upholstery coverings, and customization features that Precedent offers, you’re sure to find the right furniture to suit your needs and home decor.
Check our current website listings to see what the company offers to make your home an even more appealing place.
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