Where To Buy King Hickory Furniture

King Hickory, a family-owned company based in Hickory, North Carolina, was founded in 1958. For over 60 years, it has produced high-quality hand-crafted fabric and leather furniture to a standard that is industry leading.
It strives to offer the ultimate customer satisfaction by providing luxurious seating hand-crafted by artisans. And with the option of customizing your purchase, you can be confident of receiving perfect furniture that will match your interior design.
You’ll find a great selection of upholstery designs, including floral and ethnic, that are offered in every possible color imaginable.
But first, let’s find out what this company is all about.

The King Hickory Furniture Company

King Hickory stands for fine transitional design upholstered furniture and is produced in Hickory, North Carolina. The company is proud of its superior-quality luxury furniture with a style that will enhance the atmosphere of any room.
It employs master craftspeople to hand-craft quality living room furniture that is timeless in style and will last a lifetime.
Customers also have the advantage of being able to customize their orders to suit their needs and their home decor. And the feedback from these customers has been that the quality far surpasses that of most other furniture brands.

The King Hickory Furniture Collection

You’ll find a great selection of whatever seating you’re planning to purchase from the Hickory furniture collection.
So let’s take a look at the King Hickory collection.


King Hickory offers quality living room sofas in all sizes, from two-seaters to oversized. And with a choice of five different styles of contemporary and modern arms, including boxed and rolled arms, you can customize them to suit your needs.
There’s a great selection of fabric and leather upholstered sofas, but if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind look, you should consider a sofa upholstered in a combination of fabric and leather.
And you can also choose a distinctive style of turned instead of block legs, which adds to their appeal.


Sectionals are a great way of maximizing use of space in your room while providing extra seating. They’re a practical choice for a family home. And if you’re looking for entertainment furniture, they’re ideal as they are incredibly comfortable for relaxing with a large group.
You can also individualize them by purchasing as many elements as you need to fit into the available space.


If you’re looking for luxurious seating, you’ll find it in this collection has an amazing choice of chairs. The company offers elegant armchairs with flowing lines, sturdy wing chairs, and swivel/glide chairs to give you the utmost comfort.
To customize your chairs, you’ll have an excellent choice of features, including choosing a suitable length or depth to match them to your individual needs and interior decor.


The advantage of sleepers is that they free up space if you have limited room to accommodate guests. Hickory’s queen-size sleepers will comfortably fit two people and are available with a loose or semi-attached back pillow.
But if you have enough space, the king-size sleeper King Hickory offers allows for more comfort. And with its sloping thick padded arms, it’s a timeless style.


The chaises in the King Hickory collection are practical and stylish. They’re smaller than a typical sofa, so they are ideal if you have limited space for your seating. Check out the ‘Chaise and a Half’ designs as they allow two people to share one comfortably.
Chaises are a perfect addition to your home, ideal for relaxation, and they can create a great visual flow in your living room.

King Hickory Quality Standards

King Hickory prides itself on its methods of producing luxurious seating from top-quality materials to a standard that very few furniture brands can come close to.


There are a vast amount of fabrics available for customizing King Hickory furniture. Depending on the performance you expect from the material, there’s a selection of easy-care, fade-or stain-resistant fabrics, including ones with different levels of durability.
These all come in various designs ranging from subtle floral to brighter ethnic patterns. And they are all available in a great variety of colors, from pale to bright shades.


You have the option of upholstering King Hickory furniture with high-quality leather that is virtually tear-proof, low in maintenance, and also ages well.
Each piece is unique as the hides, with all their natural features, including scars and scratches, are dyed in water-soluble aniline dyes.
The natural leathers are available in various shades of brown and also gray, green, or red. The protected leathers come in shades of brown, gray, beige, and blue. And white is also available in the specialty leathers.


The visible wood of the frame construction is something that many people overlook when purchasing standard machine-produced furniture.
But with all King Hickory items, you’ll be able to customize the wood finish to match your home decor.
The standard finishes are available in Warm Brown or Aged Gray. But if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, try the premium finishes, ranging from Sterling Onyx to Driftwood.


Unlike many other brands, the cushions of King Hickory are available in four different comfort levels to suit individual needs.
The DuroComfort cushion provides comfort and durability; while the medium-firm cushion is not quite as firm, it retains its shape.
The Majestic Spring Down is a must if you like to sit on a soft seat. But for deep seating comfort that looks and feels luxurious, check out the extra soft Comfort Down cushion.

Nailhead Trim

Nailhead trim will give your furniture a rustic, classic look and accentuate the upholstery lines. It will also add character and charm, making the seating stand out in any room.
There’s a great choice of nailhead types and styles for all Hickory furniture. These range from small and medium, to large nailheads. And you can choose from a natural or decorative style. If you’re adventurous, there are even extreme decorative nails such as the Texas Star Nail or the Buckshot Nail.

Superior Quality Furniture From North Carolina

King Hickory furniture is custom produced in Hickory, North Carolina, by a family-owned business that has been manufacturing high-quality leather and fabric upholstered furniture for over 50 years.
It only employs master artisans to work with top-quality materials primarily sourced in America, so customers can expect perfect furniture that will last for decades.
It specializes in quality living room furniture with the opportunity of customizing it to individual needs, so the end effect is a unique product.
You’ll be proud of what you’ve designed, and at the same time, you’ll be supporting the American economy and local jobs.

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