Where To Buy Chaddock Furniture

Chaddock Furniture, based in Morgantown, North Carolina, is at the top of the American best furniture maker list. The company has consistently achieved this by having one of the best manufacturing teams in the world.
With traditional style upholstery, it became one of the rising stars in American furniture design when it was just an innovator of furniture production in the 1950s.
And those style innovations continue to this day with the furniture maker providing amazing products for the entire home.
First, let me give you some information about this company.

The Chaddock Furniture Company

The furniture icon, Guy Chaddock, started making waves in the furniture industry in Morgantown, North Carolina, in the 1950s, and nowadays, the company is world-renowned for being passionate about crafting unique furniture.
And a third generation ‘Chaddock’ is still making waves today with a team of 200 talented artisans.
Some craftspeople have passion for furniture in their blood as they are 3rd and 4th generation furniture makers. These humbly committed, skilled craftspeople use artisan techniques to manufacture products with impeccable details from the company’s own brand-created designs.
Let’s look at what Chaddock Furniture offers.

The Chaddock Furniture Collection

With a passion for American furniture design and furniture making, Chaddock Furniture offers a selection of hand-crafted products in a timeless design.
So let’s take a quick overview of the company’s collection.

Chaddock Furniture Sofas

Whether you’re looking for a two-seat or an oversize family sofa, you’ll find a vast range to choose from in the Chaddock Furniture hand-crafted collection that can be customized to your specifications.
The Chaddock sofa designs are available in traditional or modern styles, offering features such as traditional rolled arms, tufted upholstery, and nailhead trim.

Chaddock Furniture Sectionals

A customized Chaddock sectional is a perfect solution for a family room as you can purchase the number of elements you require or have space for. But it’s also suitable for a small room where you need to maximize the use of space but still need enough seating.
You can purchase various elements separately to design a comfortable, unique piece of furniture that will last for decades.

Chaddock Furniture Chairs

You’ll find inspiration in the Chaddock Furniture collection if you want to make an impression with your chairs.
There’s a great variety of chairs suitable for any room, whether you’re considering armchairs or armless chairs. These are available as accent, swivel, wing, and dining chairs.
You can expect maximum comfort and lumbar support from them even when you sit for more extended periods.

Chaddock Furniture Tables

There are tables suitable for your entire home in the house design tables in the Chaddock Furniture collection.
Whether you prefer wood, glass, or steel, there are some amazing designs that come in a variety of shapes, from square to rectangular and round.
Some tables are sleek, while others have an intricate design, but they all have a unique look that will add attraction to any room.

Chaddock Furniture Beds

As with all Chaddock furniture, there are some fascinating-design beds in traditional or modern styles to make a statement. They are produced in every possible size ranging from twin to the larger king size.
You’ll not only have the option of customizing with fabric or leather upholstery but also of choosing the headboard and foot finish.

Chaddock Furniture Storage Solutions

For storage, there’s an unbeatable selection of customizable dressers and chests with drawers available in traditional to contemporary styles.
Depending on the amount of storage space you need, you’ll find very attractive wood chests with between two to nine drawers.
And you can be sure that your customized Chaddock design is unique and will perfectly match your decor.

Chaddock Furniture Accent Pieces

The Chaddock Furniture collection offers accent pieces to enrich and complement your home decor.
There are mirrors in all shapes and sizes, some more traditional, others more playful. And to add a bit of nature to your home, you’ll find some attractive planters as well.
The versatile ottomans will tie everything together, and to complete the final design, check out the lamps and lighting for a continuous design flow.
Chaddock Furniture Quality Standards
Chaddock Furniture is one of the iconic industry leaders in producing to American furniture design standards thanks to its manufacturing team that includes highly skilled artisans.
But it all comes down to the quality materials.


Chaddock Furniture has a fantastic assortment of upholstery fabrics available in every possible color, from subtle beige to orange, pink, and purple. And they’ve created designs that have unusual, attractive patterns to suit any style.
With these designs, you’ll have a unique look that will add character and personality to your home decor.


There are more than 60 shades of top-quality leather to choose from for upholstering your Chaddock furniture. So there’ll be no problem matching it to your interior design.
The craftspeople achieve these shades by treating the prime hides with a water-soluble aniline dye. This process is only possible because of the high-quality natural leather used in production.


There’s the option of a T-cushion or a straight cushion for Chaddock chairs, sofas, and sectionals, and a selection of back cushion styles.
They are filled with a luxurious blend of feather and fiber to give you ultimate comfort.
Whether you prefer a relaxed or a firm comfort level, you can choose from the standard Relaxed Spring Down or upgrade to Comfort Down.

Nailhead Trim

Traditional style upholstery can be enhanced with nailhead trim to give it a classic, rustic appearance that will turn your furniture into the centerpiece of the room.
To enhance your product, Chaddock Furniture offers a great range of nailheads from hammered bronze to silver, old gold, or vintage that are applied perfectly by hand.

Wood Finishes

Furniture wood trimmings are essential if you want the wood to look good and remain so for many years.
The wood on Chaddock furniture is finished to the highest possible standards to bring out the character of the grain. It goes through a time-consuming 18 to 22-step finishing and distressing process. And this is all done by hand to ensure perfection.

Superior Quality Furniture From North Carolina

When Guy Chaddock started making furniture in the 1950s, he dreamed of the company being the best furniture maker in America, and it seems as if his dream has come true.
Seventy years later, the company, based in Morganton, North Carolina, is one of the iconic industry leaders employing over 200 skilled artisans to craft fine furniture.
They can produce unique customized furniture that will last many years by taking advantage of the abundant supply of top-quality hardwood available from the nearby Appalachian hardwood forests.
By purchasing Chaddock Furniture products, you can be proud of supporting local jobs and the American economy.

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