Where To Buy Braxton Culler Furniture

Braxton Culler is one of the furniture manufacturers that has become synonymous with handmade American quality and superior customization options.
With over 45 years of experience, this company has seen some of the biggest changes in furniture manufacturing and still sticks with handmade processes as much as possible.
To help our customers better understand the quality living room, bedroom, dining room, and outdoor furniture available from Braxton Culler, we’ve put together this guide to highlight some company background and products.

Let’s take a look at a bit of history.

A Company With A Long American History

Braxton Culler was founded in 1975 and has remained a family-owned business that prides itself in creating one of the most amazing collections of handmade furniture. The company has a large selection of design choices for every room in your home as well as your garden and patio areas.
And unlike other furniture manufacturers, Braxton Culler has created ordering and manufacturing processes that allow customers to choose from 15 different wood finishes and thousands of fabrics.
That is a level of customization that makes matching your new furniture with a specific interior design and color much easier. No matter what length or depth your furniture needs to be and what pattern or color you have in mind, you’ll find an amazing addition to your home in the Braxton Culler furniture collection.
Let me show you what the company has to offer.

The Braxton Culler Furniture Collection

One reason so many people choose Braxton Culler furniture is because of the wide range of furniture options and styles.

Living Room Furniture

Braxton Culler has a wide range of living room furniture, including pre-configured sets that allow you to easily choose items that interior and furniture designers have put together.
Here are some of the most popular pieces available.


From a small loveseat to a large 3-seater sofa, Braxton Culler offers amazing quality living room sofas. Every piece is handcrafted to your order specifications so that you always end up with perfect furniture for your living room.
With options for cushion or pillow back designs and style choices that range from classic to contemporary and modern, you’ll find the perfect size and shape to make it fit right into your home.


If you want to take another step up from a large sofa, then consider one of the sectionals that Braxton Culler furniture designers have created.
These make a perfect addition to a large living room or even an open-plan living space where you want to create a division between different parts. For large families or people who love entertaining guests, such a sectional will become the center stage for entertainment.


For those times when you have guests but don’t have the luxury of a spare room, why not have the flexibility of a sleeper sofa to provide a perfectly comfortable place to rest?
Braxton Culler has a great selection of sleeper sofas in different height, length, and width combinations so that you can add one even to a small room.


For anyone who wants to experience ultimate luxury for relaxation in a living room, chaise lounges are an absolute must-have addition. Simply arrive home after a busy day and lay back with your feet up to enjoy your favorite TV shows or sports.
If you have the space, then you won’t regret such a purchase.


The Braxton Culler furniture collection also includes a wide range of living room chairs. These include small armless accent chairs, large and impressive chairs to kick back, and swivel chairs that add more flexibility for you to change your seating arrangement without having to relocate chairs.


No living room is complete without a beautifully crafted cocktail or coffee table. And the Braxton Culler furniture range has some amazing options for every type of home decor. From a simple wood frame cocktail table with drawers to a more elaborately designed round table with glass tops, you’ll find the perfect furniture to match your living room.

Dining Room Furniture

If you’re looking to impress friends, family, and guests at your next dinner party, then the Braxton Culler furniture range has an impressive selection of dining room choices for you.

Dining Tables

The dining room table will typically become the central focal point of the room. And that’s why it’s so important to choose the right design and quality. The Braxton Culler furniture range includes a fantastic choice of tables from square to rectangular and round to match any kind of visual ideas you have.
The design collection also includes options for wood or glass tops with great dimension choices to suit small and large dining rooms.

Dining Chairs

Dining room chairs should never be an afterthought, and the Braxton Culler furniture range brings you one of the widest ranges in design and customization choices.
From a subtle wood-framed dining chair to a swivel rocker chair designed for maximum comfort, you won’t be stuck for ideas in your dining room layout.

Bar Stools

Whether you have a small outdoor bar area, a man cave in the garage, or you want to add more casual seating space to your kitchen counter extension, Braxton Culler furniture is the ideal place to start.
You can choose from bar stools with and without armrests, swivel function, and a range of cushion and upholstery options to add comfort and amazing patterns to your home.


Adding dining room buffet furniture is possibly one of the most practical ways to make an impressive addition. The Braxton Culler furniture collection includes a selection of modern and classic designs that offer extremely neat and practical storage options to keep your dining room and kitchen clear of clutter.

Bar Carts

If you like entertaining guests or you have a large family to keep happy at meal times, then a bar cart can be the ideal way to bring freshly prepared food and drinks to your dining table.
The Braxton Culler furniture range has some great options available that will make entertainment a whole lot easier.

Dining Sets

And finally, if you are going for a complete redesign of your dining room, then why not start with the dining sets that the Braxton Culler furniture designers have pre-arranged to make your selection process that little bit easier.
The tables, chairs, and storage furniture pieces are perfectly matched to give you a dining room with that professional designer touch.

Bedroom Furniture

The Braxton Culler furniture collection also offers perfect furniture choices for all bedroom dimension ranges.


Whether you need a twin, queen, or king bed size, Braxton Culler has a great selection of designs that will help you set up every type of bedroom decor. You have choices that include wicker rattan frames, amazing fabric headboards, and solid wood beds that make it take center stage in your bedroom.


One of the key things you should always consider when you buy a new bed is matching nightstands from the same manufacturer. It’s always difficult to find the ideal match from a design, size, and color finish perspective.
But when you order it at the same time as your new bed, then you’ll achieve a seamless combination that creates a great visual flow.


The Braxton Culler furniture collection also gives you many options for bedroom storage. From small chests to TV console tables and large dressers, you’ll have more than enough options to keep your bedroom tidy and uncluttered.
You also have a wide range of classic, contemporary, and modern design choices that give you much more flexibility to either make your storage furniture stand out or blend in with a more subtle effect.


One way that you can add some practical seating space to a bedroom is with one of Braxton Culler’s benches. These are designed to take up as little space as possible and offer a convenient way to sit down while getting dressed.
These benches are also a great way to keep your room uncluttered, allowing you to place clothes in a tidy way and not end up in a wrinkled mess on the floor.

Bedroom Sets

And for anyone who struggles to make a decision on the best combinations of perfect furniture, Braxton Culler also offers a great choice of pre-configured bedroom sets. These include different styles where the bed size and design perfectly match with a nightstand, dresser, and bench.
With plenty of customization options available, this will allow you to completely redesign your bedroom without needing expert help from an interior designer.

Wicker Rattan Furniture

One of the most sought-after Braxton Culler furniture is the amazing wicker rattan collection. And the best thing about this collection is that you don’t just have choices for outdoor furniture.

Rattan Chairs

Combining an amazing visual impact with exceptionally comfortable cushions and great fabric choices, you’ll have chairs that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lifestyle options. They are available in many different sizes so that you can use them without cluttering up small spaces.
You also have great options for the finishing color so that you can create a perfect flow from indoor to outdoor areas.

Rattan Sofas And Loveseats

The sofa and loveseat collection are also a great addition for a country and rustic interior design style or to provide additional outdoor seating options for a casual space to enjoy with friends and family.
With low and high-back designs, as well as different depth options, this gives you great flexibility to combine the visual effect and level of comfort you want to achieve for your home.

Rattan Dining Tables

The dining tables available in Braxton Culler’s wicker rattan range are the ideal choice if you love a rustic and natural effect for your dining area. With perfectly shaped rattan poles, you will have an amazing centerpiece for your dining room, garden, or patio.
And with different design choices, including rectangular, oval, and round glass table tops, you can make your new dining area become a visual focal point.

Rattan Dining Chairs

The Braxton Culler furniture collection also gives you a great choice of small and large dining chairs that perfectly match up with the wicker rattan dining tables.
Whether you want to keep it simple without armrests or offer maximum comfort with cushioned backrests and swivel options, you’ll make your dining area a welcoming and comfortable experience for all your family and friends.

Rattan Living Room Tables

Indoor and outdoor living spaces are not complete without a selection of convenience tables. Braxton Culler’s wicker rattan range offers a great choice of different dimension coffee and end tables to perfectly fit into your available space without creating clutter.
They are also available with a storage shelf to help you keep your living space more organized with fewer things taking over the table tops.

Rattan Dining Sets

Not everyone enjoys looking through dozens of different table, chair, and accessory pages to find the perfect furniture combinations. That’s why the Braxton Culler furniture design team has put together dining sets that combine the right design features to achieve a professional look.
Simply find the right size and style, and then refine your order for the finishing colors, and you’ll transform your dining space.

Hospitality Furniture

After growing requests from businesses in the hospitality sector, Braxton Culler furniture designers took on the task of coming up with a collection of furniture specifically designed for the high demands of busy commercial businesses.


With simple and extremely elegant designs, Braxton Culler has combined their decades of experience with the most durable materials to produce chairs that are ideal for bars, restaurants, and hotels.
Made using solid hardwood frames and commercial grade fabrics, the durability side of the design was solved. But the company also made sure that the visual effects of the fabric choices would give business owners more flexibility when it comes to achieving a specific look and feel.


Braxton Culler has also come up with a selection of bedroom furniture that provides durability for the busiest hotels and motels. Not only will these pieces stand up to the wear and tear of commercial businesses, but they will add an element of luxury to any room.
The bedroom sets can include everything from king-size beds to sturdy nightstands and plenty of storage space for guests.


The commercial dining chairs for the hospitality industry combine simple elegance and size with maximum comfort. The chairs have a sleek appearance but come with plenty of cushion foam to offer amazing comfort for bar and restaurant guests.
And the more comfortable guests are in their seating, the longer they will want to stay at your business.

Outdoor Hospitality

And if you have an outdoor patio area that you want to give a new lease of life, then Braxton Culler has excellent seating and dining furniture to offer your guests an extremely homely feeling.
With a wide range of color choices, you can make your outdoor space as casual, conservative, or playful as you like.

Outdoor Furniture

Braxton Culler is also well known as one of the leading American manufacturers of premium outdoor furniture. With the right combination of durability, practicality, and design, you’ll find some amazing choices here.

Sofas And Loveseats

The outdoor sofas and loveseats come in different sizes, but all bring you amazing wicker rattan material that will stand up to all types of weather conditions. You can make these pieces stand out and take center stage with intricate wicker weaving and colorful fabrics, or tone it down with a modern design and subtle cushions.
And when you don’t have a large outdoor area to fill with seating, then the loveseats will be the perfect solution.


Whether curved or square, Braxton Culler has designed some amazing sectional sofas that give you fantastic seating arrangements for large families and lots of guests.
These work particularly well in an open space environment where you may want to achieve a visual boundary between a dining and relaxation area. And you can also use them as a divider between your patio and garden area.


Braxton Culler offers a great choice of outdoor chairs for relaxing and dining. With great selections of different sizes and an exceptionally comfortable seat and back cushion, these chairs are designed to make you want to enjoy them for many hours.
You also have bar and counter stools available that can be a great addition for a cocktail reception area poolside.


From coffee tables to large dining tables and convenient end tables for large seating areas, Braxton Culler has one of the best selections of outdoor tables available.
This gives you the opportunity to set up both dining and casual relaxation areas to enjoy a meal and after-dinner drinks in perfect comfort.

Complete Sets

You could also just look at the Braxton Culler furniture sets to give you an idea of what perfectly matched furniture will look like. These sets have been put together by in-house design specialists to give you the most amazing look without needing the experience of a professional designer.
It can save you a lot of time and effort, and ordering complete sets will also make it a more cost-effective way to buy amazing outdoor furniture.

Superior Quality Materials

Along with one of the largest selections of different design choices, Braxton Culler has also made sure that you always receive the best possible quality. This ensures maximum durability, meaning that your furniture will look as great in decades to come as the first day it arrived.
Here are the quality standards Braxton Culler has set.

Solid Hardwood Frames

This is possibly one of the most important parts of sofas and chairs that you need to focus on. It also happens to be the one area that isn’t visible from the outside and one of the reasons why so many manufacturers cut corners in their quality standards.
See, even if a manufacturer uses softer types of wood or non-kiln-dried hardwood, it will look and feel perfectly fine when you take delivery.
It can even last for quite a few years, but only kiln-dried hardwood and solid rattan will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life.
That’s why all Braxton Culler furniture only uses the best possible wood and rattan for all the furniture in its collection.
The first advantage is that temperature changes and moisture won’t cause the wood frame to warp or twist. It will maintain its structure and shape for decades without requiring any kind of maintenance work.
It’s also going to be a lot more durable, and even if you have a busy family lifestyle with kids jumping on the furniture, you won’t have to worry about the frame breaking and leaving you with a significant repair bill.

Sustainable Rattan Sources

As you can see above, Braxton Culler also offers amazing wicker rattan furniture. This is not just suitable for your outdoor lifestyle, but the range includes many pieces of furniture that are ideal for use indoors.
One of the great things about rattan is that it’s one of the most sustainable and ecologically friendly materials available.
When you buy hardwood furniture, a timber company has to cut down an entire tree. While there are plenty of sustainable sources of wood where companies are heavily involved in reforestation, this can still have a damaging effect on the ecosystem.
Rattan, on the other hand, is harvested by cutting vines of different thicknesses. When a vine is cut, it doesn’t kill the entire plant. Instead, new vines regrow, and it’s possible to harvest from these rattan plants on an annual basis.
The other benefit is that it’s a naturally oily and resin-rich type of wood. That means it’s resistant to rotting and doesn’t require the same level of maintenance and protection as hardwood.
It’s also extremely durable, which means you don’t have to constantly replace your furniture as you do with softer wood and plywood.

High-Quality Fabrics

All of the fabrics in the Braxton Culler furniture range are sourced from extremely durable materials. As a result, even the busiest homes with children or regular guest entertainment won’t find that the cushions on the chairs and sofas start to fade and wear out.
And even with these tougher wearing materials, you won’t have to compromise on comfort or style.
The materials are soft to touch, and they are available in many different colors, styles, and patterns. There is no shortage of customization options, so you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your home decor.

Great Choice Of Finishes

And finally, there are the color finishes for the exposed wood and rattan sections of the Braxton Culler furniture. The dozens of color choices allow you to achieve the perfect finish, whether that’s a bold and bright color or a more neutral appearance.
The expert craftspeople have perfected the process of staining and/or painting the furniture so that every piece has the best possible visual effect.

Handmade Furniture Making Processes

With the design skills to create an amazing visual impact and the expertise to only source the best possible raw materials, the only way you can make things even better is by creating furniture using handcrafted techniques.
From the very beginning, using handmade processes has been a way for Braxton Culler furniture to set itself apart.
Each order is handled individually, and the company avoids any kind of mass-production processes that would sacrifice quality and that human touch that machines simply can’t replicate.

Superior Quality Furniture From North Carolina

Braxton Culler has remained a family-owned business with deep roots in the community of Sophia, North Carolina. Not only does this show loyalty to the employees, suppliers, and overall community, but it also shows how dedicated the company is to its customer base.
North Carolina has long been the center for the highest quality American furniture. And that means that there’s no better place to find the highest skilled worker.
All this adds up to a furniture investment that gives you the absolute best possible quality while at the same time having the satisfaction that you are fully supporting the American economy, jobs, and families.
Braxton Culler employs hundreds of people directly and supports thousands of jobs through the supply chain of its raw materials.
You can’t beat that kind of satisfaction with imported furniture.

Browse Our Braxton Culler Furniture Collection

Whether you need bedroom, dining room, outdoor furniture, or all three, the Braxton Culler furniture collection is the ideal starting point to fully redesign your home with handmade quality from North Carolina.
We have a large selection available that will be a great starting point for you to come up with your own custom design requirements.
And if you need help with any of the products, or you need advice on how to best choose from the customization options, then talk to one of our customer service representatives today.
We’re happy to answer all your questions and look forward to hearing from you.