Finding the right dining room set has to strike the right balance of top-quality materials, durability, and amazing designs.
Unfortunately, many furniture manufacturers cut corners and costs in at least one of those areas. You might find something that looks great but doesn’t last long, and that’s most often the case with cheap imports.
And it’s exactly why we have only partnered with furniture manufacturers in North Carolina that have a proven track record combining quality and amazing designs.
Let’s take a look at what you need to consider before purchasing dining room furniture.

Planning Your Dining Room Furniture

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house, you’ll want the dining room furniture you choose to be unique. To ensure this, you’ll need to plan carefully before ordering.

Look At Your Room Layout

Not every dining room has a perfect shape, so take measurements of your dining area layout to ensure that you have adequate space for the furniture you choose.
Small spaces will look cramped if the furniture is too bulky, but larger rooms won’t look cozy if you don’t place enough furniture there.
Once you’ve determined how much space you have available, you need to consider whether to purchase a dining set or individual pieces of dining furniture.
More on these below.

Pick The Right Style

Depending on your interior design, we offer a great selection of styles for our dining room furniture.
As the traditional style is known for making a statement, it may not have the right visual impact you’re trying to aim for.
The mid-century modern style dining sets or table and chairs are just right if you want a minimalistic look that will complement your room decor.
But for something in between traditional and modern, check out our contemporary style furniture that has a sleek design with just a few intricate details.

Work Out Your Seating Requirements

The amount of seating you purchase will first depend on whether you are catering for a large or small family. Then you need to consider how many seats you require if you like entertaining your extended family or friends.
Providing you have enough space and an extendable table, purchase extra chairs you can bring out when necessary.
And you might consider purchasing a bench for dining rooms with limited dining space as it offers more flexibility than chairs.

Include Storage Options

A sideboard or chest with drawers is a perfect option for any dining room as it offers space to store your dinner ware, glasses, and other smaller items.
But some benches also offer a storage option in the seat where you can keep your linens.
And as you can customize your order, you’ll be able to create a unique piece that will match your room decor and your needs.

Choose The Right Size Table

Choosing the right dining room table with room enough to seat everyone is essential.
As tables come in various shapes and sizes that range from square to rectangular and round, be sure to measure that you have enough space in your dining room for the one you choose before placing an order.

Our Dining Room Furniture Collection

Whether you’re planning to purchase dining room sets or a dining table and chairs, we can offer you a vast collection of furniture to choose from.
Look at the following information on the dining products available in our online store.

Dining Room Tables

Customers who like to dine with friends or family recommend our round dining tables as people can sit around them comfortably and face each other. And if you regularly eat meals with smaller groups, it’s easier to converse with everyone around you.
But a rectangular table is the ideal choice if you like large-scale entertaining. It has the advantage that it’s space-saving as it can be placed against a wall and pulled out when you need extra seating.
Whatever your preference, we have some fantastic design tables to offer you, either in wood, glass, or steel. Some have a more intricate design, while others are sleeker.
But the one thing they all have in common is that they have a unique look that will be an added attraction to your dining room.
Check out our amazing selection to find the right dining table for your room.

Dining Chairs

If you like sitting in style, check out our dining room chairs and side chairs, which come in beautiful designs to complement your dining table.
For the highest comfort level, you can mix or match high-back host chairs that you can order in the same design as the low-back chairs.
We offer a fantastic selection, with or without armrests, with a high level of comfort and design. And with the customization options, you can select the wood finish and the upholstery covering to suit your needs.
You’ll be proud when you see the top-quality design statement you’ve created that will be one of a kind.

Storage Solutions

Sideboards or chests with drawers are ideal storage pieces suitable for a dining room and are available in various styles. You can store almost anything in them, such as placemats and napkins or your fancy dining set and crystal glass.
And you have the chance to customize one to match the table you choose from our selection.
It’s also worth checking the benches we offer as they can be used for extra seating and also have room to store many items in the seat, for example, linens and other small items.

Superior Quality Dining Room Furniture From North Carolina

One of the most important things about our dining room furniture is that it’s made to order in North Carolina.
The companies we have carefully chosen to partner with have many decades of experience in dining furniture manufacturing, and they only employ highly skilled artisans. These highly qualified craftspeople work with top-grade materials to manufacture high-quality dining room sets, tables, and chairs that will last a lifetime.
By producing near the Appalachian hardwood forests, they can take advantage of the local hardwood supply, so there is no fear of material shortages for manufacturing their custom-made furniture.
By purchasing from our selection of dining room furniture, you’ll also be supporting local companies, their employees, and the American economy.

Browse Our Dining Room Furniture

You’ll find special offers of affordable furniture suitable for any style of dining room that you can further customize to match your needs.
If you need more information or assistance in customizing your furniture, one of our customer team members is available to help you.
We look forward to helping you find the perfect furniture tailored to your needs.