One of the most fun parts of redecorating your home or even just a specific area is planning those finishing touches and home accessories. But taking a completely random approach to choosing home decor could end up in an unorganized mess. 

Even if individual pieces of wall art look amazing, if you don’t match them to your overall style and the other items in the room, then you won’t achieve a visual flow. 

To give you an easier approach to finding those unique design touches your home deserves, we’ve put together this guide that will make your research a lot more straightforward. 

Finding The Right Decorative Objects

Here are three tips to follow before you start browsing for furniture accessories. 

Plan For Specific Rooms

Make sure you take a very targeted approach to find amazing accessories. Things that will look great in your living room could be completely out of place in your kitchen and dining room. 

The best thing you can do is start with the overall design of the specific room and decide on what kind of things might work well. A beautiful centerpiece candle or vases will look amazing on a dining table. 

But if you place them on a small coffee table in your living space, it will have a very different effect. 

Avoid Creating Clutter

People often get carried away when they find new accessories for their house. And the result from an overall decor point of view can be complete visual clutter. 

When there is too much going on with many small or large items in a room, then you won’t create a natural visual flow. You don’t want your eyes to be constantly distracted by jumping from furniture to mirrors to sculptures. 

It’s much better to start with a few highly impactful pieces of decor and then gradually add more. 

Make The Right Style Choices

Make sure that you consciously consider the overall style you want to achieve before you start adding decor. 

If you have modern home decor with designer furniture, then you don’t want to have mirrors or picture frames with intricately carved wood on the walls. Or, if you have a classic interior space with an intricate coffee table, then you don’t want to place an ultra-modern and minimalist lamp on it. 

Mixing classic and modern style furniture and accessories is something you really want to avoid at all costs. Always make sure that you search for accessories that perfectly match your home decor and don’t clash with it. 

Our Home Accessories Collection

Here are just some of the accessories we have available that come in many different designs to make sure you can match them to your decor. 


Rather than filling every spot on your walls with shelves or art, consider strategically adding mirrors. A great place to start is on a wall where the visual effect will open up living spaces. 

This works particularly well on walls opposite windows as you can really create an illusion of a larger room. 


Pillows are possibly one of the first decorative pieces you should invest in for any room that has sofas and chairs. You can achieve an amazing contrast with colors, patterns, and shapes, and we recommend that you try to achieve a theme for such cushions across multiple sofas.

Area Rugs

Rugs can offer a unique look and highlight certain furniture. What they do is define certain areas, and this can work extremely well in large open-plan living areas. Try to match the tone and patterns with just a subtle contrast to the rest of the decor. 

Wall Art

Wall decor is an absolute must, but it’s important to carefully choose the style of the art and the frames. If you’re uncertain where to start, then a great option is to pick a contemporary frame and some landscape pictures. 

Window Accessories

Also, don’t forget to take a careful look at your windows to see what kind of curtain hardware will work best. It’s important that you make sure that the curtain poles and curtains complement the decor and don’t cause a visual distraction. 

Superior Quality Decorative Accessories From North Carolina 

As with all of our furniture, we have made sure that the accessories available in our store are all made in North Carolina. 

We have partnered with some amazing small businesses and independent artists to bring you unique styles and a quality standard that you can’t match with brands that source cheap imported products. 

You’ll find that our store has a wide range of diverse options, and we’re constantly adding and updating our inventory when our suppliers have created new pieces. 

Not only does this ensure that you have the best possible visual decor available to choose from, but buying from these artists and businesses will also support local jobs, families, and the American economy. 

Browse Our Decorative Home Accessories

You’ll find plenty of inspiration to achieve a glam look in your living room, dining room, or kitchen, and we invite you to browse through our available products right now. 

There is no shortage of options, and if you’re struggling to make a final choice to best match your home, then talk to one of our customer service advisors. 

We can help you match these products to your chosen furniture and will let you know about the best deals available. 

We look forward to hearing from you.