Kids’ beds need to be functional and comfortable, but it’s also essential that they are manufactured to the highest possible safety standards.

And this is what we offer in our wide selection of top-quality furniture suitable for children of all ages.

All our kids’ beds are custom-made by the best furniture manufacturers in North Carolina with over 40 years of experience producing top-quality kids’ beds.

They offer a variety of colors to select from so your child can help you create a design that will match the bedroom decor.

And you can customize the bed to suit their room decor while staying within your budget.

Planning Your Kids’ Furniture

Whatever age your child is, you’ll need to plan carefully before shopping for a kids’ bed if you don’t want to be disappointed when it arrives.

Check out the following tips to help avoid this happening.

Look At Your Room Layout

Before shopping for furniture, check the bedroom layout to see how much space you have available for a kids’ bed.

Older children who like to spend time with their friends in their bedrooms may also want to have a couple of chairs. And for younger ones, you’ll need extra storage space for their toys.

So the first step is to measure the room and decide where to place the bed in relation to any existing furniture. By doing so, you’ll avoid purchasing one that is too large for your space.

And you take a targeted approach to figuring out which way is best to arrange your furniture. 

Pick The Right Style

There are many bed styles available but choosing the right one depends on the age of your child.

Toddlers and little ones need a simple design, whereas older kids may prefer something more sophisticated.

You may find that the traditional, classic design furniture is too intricate to suit their room decor and a modern design is too sleek. Then you could pick something in a contemporary style that is sleek with just a few intricate details to make it unique.

We have a selection of styles in our online store at an affordable price for you to select from. And with some great customization options, you’ll also make sure that you get the right color to match the overall room design.

Choose The Right Size

Whatever age your children are, when choosing a bed, it’s essential to pick the right size if you want them to be comfortable and have a good sleep.

A baby should first sleep in a crib. Then as babies grow, they’ll need toddler beds. But by the age of six, you should consider a twin bed for them. 

If boys and girls need to share the same room, choose two twin beds, But to save space, you could also consider bunk beds.

Check our deals to help you decide what’s most suitable, and make sure you plan a few years ahead with your final choice.

Include Storage With The Bed

If you don’t have enough room for storage wardrobes or dressers in your kids’ bedroom, we can offer you bunk beds or daybeds with added storage space in various designs.

You may consider twin bunks that have a built-in wardrobe where you can keep all your kids’ toys. Or many single beds come with optional under-bed storage units where you can keep things out of sight, so their room doesn’t look cluttered.

Our Collection Of Great Bed Choices

We have a wide selection of beds suitable for children of all ages.

But before purchasing any product, check out what we offer in our collection that you can customize to suit your child’s needs.

Great Choice Of Sizes

Whether you’re looking for toddler beds, twin or bunk beds, you’ll find a great selection in our collection.

And with our customization options, you’ll be able to pick the size to suit your child’s needs.

As kids need more space in their beds as they get older, we offer a great choice of sizes suitable for kids of all ages.

Different Headboard Designs

When checking out headboard designs, creativity is just as important as style if you want to achieve the right atmosphere for your child’s room.

But don’t forget to focus on the function of the headboard. It needs to be more than just pretty.

If your child likes to sit on their bed during the day, you’ll need to consider a headboard that is comfortable to use as a backrest.

You’ll find a great selection of headboard designs in our collection that will suit your child’s needs and match any bedroom decor. 

Our Exceptional Quality And Design Standard

One of our top priorities is to only work with the best manufacturers in North Carolina to be able to offer customers products of the highest quality. 

And our products come at a price to suit most people’s budget.

Kiln-Dried Solid Hardwood

If you want your kids’ beds to last, they must be made from high-quality material.

That’s why all the beds we supply are made from kiln-dried solid hardwood. As well as being durable, the beds are highly comfortable, so you can expect your kids to sleep through the night without disturbing you.

To offer lower prices, many other brands produce beds from inferior materials like plywood or pine. As these materials are not durable, the bed frame will soon sag, become uncomfortable, and need replacing.

Top-Quality Fabrics

You can create a fun atmosphere for your children’s bedrooms by choosing a suitable upholstery fabric from our collection.

We have a vast selection of designs and colors that are produced in top mills in America. And you’ll find something suitable for both boys and girls.

If your kids can’t agree on the color, our customization options give you the chance to select the same design in different colors.

And with the right combination of color and design, they will be delighted with the fun atmosphere you have created for their bedrooms.

Excellent Style Choices

We offer a wide selection of beds, from toddler to twin and bunk beds. And they are available in different styles that you can customize to match your kids’ bedroom decor.

You can choose from the more intricate traditional style design or a sleeker modern design.

Whichever you select, by customizing it to match your preferences, you’ll be proud of what you have managed to create, and your kids will be delighted with their rooms.

Superior Kids’ Beds From North Carolina

We have a great collection of kids’ beds for you to choose from that will last for years. And we always get positive feedback from our customers regarding quality and design.

Our products are manufactured in North Carolina by furniture producers with more than 40 years of experience in furniture production. Their employees are highly qualified craftspeople who produce custom-made furniture from top-quality locally sourced materials.

As the manufacturing centers are near the Appalachian forests, the companies take advantage of the abundance of hardwood available to produce kids’ beds to suit individual needs.

You’ll support local companies and the American economy by purchasing our products.

Browse Our Collection Of Kids’ Beds

You’ll find a wide selection of kids’ furniture suitable for children of all ages in our online store.

And by taking advantage of our easy customization options, you’ll be able to create a unique bed for your kids. Browse through our website today to check out our special deals at a price you won’t be able to resist.

If you can’t decide what to order and need some inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our customer service team members will be happy to be of assistance.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make the right choice.