A storage cabinet is an excellent choice for any size of living room as it can hide a multitude of things that would just result in clutter. 

But finding one that has the right style, size, and quality to match your existing furniture is not easy. And if you make sacrifices here, you’ll end up disappointed with what you’ve purchased.

So, to offer you a large selection of living room storage cabinets, we’ve teamed up with North Carolina’s top furniture producers who make them to order from superior quality materials.

And by taking advantage of our customization options, you’ll be proud to create a unique piece of furniture.

Choosing The Right Storage Cabinet

There is a fantastic selection of storage cabinets in various designs and styles in our collection that you can customize to suit your needs. 

But before shopping around for one, check the following tips we’ve put together to help you avoid purchasing something you’ll later regret.

Look At Your Room Layout

We have a great choice of storage cabinets to suit any size living room, but without having the room’s dimensions, you might purchase something that is either too small or too large to give the visual impact you expected.

So before shopping for one, measure your room and check the layout of your existing furniture.

Then plan to place the storage cabinet where you have easy access to avoid having your living room cluttered with messy items.  

Pick The Right Style

Some storage cabinets have glass panels for displaying particular objects rather than completely hiding them out of sight. 

Or perhaps you need a cabinet incorporated into other furniture where you can place your TV.

Whatever you choose, the style should match your existing decor. The elegant design of the traditional style has intricate details that draw attention to it. And for a sleek minimalistic look, check out the modern design options we have available.

Or go with the trend of the moment with a sleek contemporary style that will have just a few added intricate details.

Choose The Right Size

If you want your room to remain uncluttered, a storage cabinet is perfect as it will give you enough space to store objects out of sight.

But as they come in various sizes, you need to consider whether you have enough space for the one you choose.

A cabinet or two above a countertop cupboard is perfect for larger rooms. Or you may prefer freestanding furniture.

But by first measuring the room, you’ll know exactly how much space you have to be able to choose the right size.

Our Collection Of Great Living Room Cabinets

When you check our impressive range of living room cabinets, you’ll be surprised at the various ways to store things.

And you’ll be able to take advantage of our easy way to customize so that your furniture will match your decor and be unique.

Great Choice Of Sizes

You won’t want a storage cabinet that is too big and bulky for your room. But neither will you want one that is too small and doesn’t provide enough space for storing various things.

We have a fantastic variety of designs and sizes, offering many ways to store everything you need.

You may prefer having two or more smaller ones placed above a countertop drawer unit with an extra cabinet to hide the TV when not in use. Or a freestanding cabinet is ideal if you want enough room to sort items individually.

Wide Range Of Storage Layout

Our cabinets offer a wide range of storage layouts, so you’ll be able to sort everything out and keep the same size items together to save space.

Apart from storage space for placing objects not in daily use, you’ll love the visual impact of ones with partial glass fronts suitable for displaying a particular item.

Combination Of Drawers And Doors

Traditionally, a storage cabinet had two doors and may have had one or two shelves. But there would have been no drawers for storing smaller items.

These days, it’s become popular to have a combination of drawers and doors on a storage cabinet to avoid smaller stored articles ending up in a mess. 

It’s the perfect solution if you want easy access to each item, as you can use the drawers to sort out minor things and store oversized items on the shelves.

Our Exceptional Quality And Design Standard

We only work with the best furniture producers in North Carolina to offer our customers products of exceptional quality and design standards.

Kiln-Dried Solid Hardwood

For a storage cabinet to last for decades, it must be made from top-quality material if you want to be sure of making a long-term investment.

That’s why we only offer customers ones made from kiln-dried solid hardwood sourced in North Carolina.

Many lower-priced brands use inferior materials such as pine or plywood in production. These materials will soon show signs of wear and tear even with minimal usage, and you’ll be faced with further costs when your cabinet needs replacing. 

Excellent Style Choices

You’ll love the wide selection of style choices offered in our collection that you can match to the existing furniture in your living room. And by taking advantage of our excellent customization options, you’ll have a unique piece of furniture.

You may prefer the elegant, intricate design of the traditional style, or perhaps the sleek lines of a modern design are more suitable for your home.

But for something in between, check out the trendy contemporary style options we have available.

Superior Cabinets From North Carolina

The custom-made furniture we supply is of such high quality that it will last for decades. And our customers consistently give us positive feedback regarding quality and design.

Our furniture cabinets are all made by North Carolina manufacturers with more than 40 years of experience in furniture production. They only employ highly skilled artisans to produce custom-made furniture from locally sourced top-quality materials.

Their production centers are near the Appalachian forests, meaning there is no shortage of hardwood for them to take advantage of.

When purchasing one of our cabinets, you’ll also support local companies, their employees, and the American economy.

Browse Our Collection Of Living Room Cabinets

When you visit your online store, you’ll find a fantastic collection of living room storage cabinets in various designs.

And by taking advantage of our excellent customization options, you can create a unique piece of furniture that will enhance any room decor.

Check out our special deals to find the perfect storage cabinets at a price you can afford.

Please contact us if you need further information about our products or help with the customization options.

One of our customer care team members will be happy to help you.

We look forward to being of assistance in helping you choose the perfect purchase.