When it comes to finding the ideal living room furniture for your next home improvement project, it’s important that you carefully plan the process and find the best quality and value for money.
And if you want to invest in new furniture that will stand the test of time and look amazing in your living room, then choosing one of our manufacturing partners from North Carolina is going to be the best possible option.
From using the highest quality materials to employing craftspeople with the most skilled handmade techniques, you’ll find the most visually impactful furniture in our collection.
Let me show you what you need to consider before you buy furniture for your living space.

Planning Your Living Room Furniture

Here are some tips to follow before you start browsing living room furniture. Having a simple plan can save you a ton of time looking at furniture that won’t be suitable.

Look At Your Room Layout

Even if you still have your old furniture laid out, take a look to see if there’s a clever way to reconfigure the room. Maybe reposition the TV and see if you can fit a sectional sofa into a corner.
Ideas like that can transform a living room and open up a lot of space to move around.
You should also make it a priority to open up the space and make it feel more inviting without making it feel cluttered with family room furniture.
Space out the furniture and start with the essentials before you start adding more pieces.

Pick The Right Style

Before you randomly look at living room furniture, sit down and look at the main styles. Look at classic, contemporary, and modern style options. Decide which style will suit your home and personality the best, and then narrow down your search.
For some people, traditional furniture in a classic style will be too old-fashioned, while modern aesthetic and sleek lines could end up being too minimalistic.
Whichever style you think will work best, find the pieces you need to redesign your living room and see how well they work together to give you the kind of visual experience you want to create.

Maximize Seating

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house with an open plan living space, you have to be clever with choosing the right living room furniture. Ultimately, you want to provide as much seating as possible without causing clutter.
One great way to keep things very tidy and compact, even in a small living room, is with sectional sofas. These can maximize the use of corner spaces or work as a visual divider in a large space.
Once you have your main sofa in place, you can then consider adding a small loveseat or a few accent chairs. But make sure that they don’t obstruct the room.

Include Storage Options

No matter how large or small your living room is, adding some storage options can help you keep your room more organized and decluttered. Start with looking at suitable media consoles where you can keep your TV and other entertainment equipment tidy.
Then consider some side tables with drawers that allow you to store smaller things out of sight.
And if there’s space, then add a chest of drawers to give you even more options to tidy up your room.

Choose The Right Size Tables

One area where people tend to get things wrong with living room furniture is the coffee tables.
All too often, people will choose a size or style of coffee table that completely clashes with the rest of the room layout, space, and decor.
Aim to balance the practicality of a coffee table without it taking up too much space in your living room. You should still be able to easily move around without tripping over the corner of the table.
And if you have a lot of seating, then consider adding a few smaller end tables rather than a larger coffee table.

Our Living Room Furniture Collection

Let me introduce you to some of the furniture we have available in our collection. We have partnered with the best furniture manufacturers in North Carolina to bring you an amazing collection of designs.


From a small fabric loveseat to an extra-large custom leather sectional, you simply won’t find a better selection of stylish sofas. We’ve also made sure that our customers have choices to buy furniture in just the right design and color.
Whether you’re looking for a rustic leather sofa in a classic style or you want to experience the latest trends in modern furniture design, we have just the right pieces for you.
And with the wide range of seating and customization options, you can achieve the perfect appearance for your living room.

Coffee Tables

Finding the right coffee tables is all about having a great choice of style, materials, and size. And by partnering with multiple manufacturers, we’ve been able to come up with the widest range of choices.
So, if you have a small apartment living room or a large open plan space with multiple sofas, sectionals, and chairs, you’ll find something suitable in our store.
We have amazing tables with solid wood tops and storage space, as well as options with glass tops to give you an even greater visual impact at home.


Adding large and comfortable or small and discreet accent chairs to your living room can give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to maximizing your available space.
What we have done is source many different styles and sizes so that there’s an option for every single home. Whether you want a large recliner for movie nights or a medium-sized modern chair on a swivel base, you won’t be lacking choices and flexibility when it comes to finding the right one.

Storage Solutions

We also have a great range of storage solutions, from open shelving to enclosed cabinets and chests of drawers, to help you keep your living room organized and uncluttered.
You can implement them in a way to make these storage solutions stand out in your room or simply allow them to blend in and give you a more open and spacious environment.

Superior Quality Living Room Furniture From North Carolina

Our top priority and promise to our customers are that we always aim to find the best possible quality furniture. And there is no better place to source furniture than from our carefully selected manufacturers in North Carolina.
These companies have proven a dedication to using the best possible materials along with highly skilled craftspeople. And all of the manufacturing processes happen in American-owned and operated factories in North Carolina.
Buying furniture from companies like these also shows your support for the American economy, directly and indirectly securing jobs for thousands of employees.

Browse Our Living Room Furniture

You can start by either choosing one of our manufacturing partners or browsing our living room furniture section to find a large range of amazing choices.
Whether you need a large sectional sofa, small loveseat, or a complete redesign of your entire living room, you won’t be stuck for options. Once you’ve narrowed things down to your personal favorites, call our customer support team for any additional questions you might have.
We can advise you on all the customization options, special offers, and expected delivery times. That one phone call will give you the peace of mind that you’re buying the best quality and style for your new living room furniture.