We have a fantastic collection of superior quality made-to-order settees in various styles and sizes. And with our customization features, you’ll have the opportunity to create one to match your existing living room furniture perfectly.

The one thing we always make sure of is that none of our customers has to compromise on buying top quality, durable, and amazingly designed sofas. 

And to bring you a large selection of settees made-to-order in various styles and sizes from superior quality materials, we teamed up with North Carolina’s top furniture producers.

But first, let me show you how to approach your research. 

Choosing The Right Living Room Settees

In our options for custom-made living room furniture, you’ll find settees in various sizes and styles. And that will give you something suitable regardless of the space available in your living room.

Check out the following tips to avoid purchasing something you’ll later regret.

Look At Your Living Room Layout

For Furniture to look good, you need enough space to avoid it cluttering the seating area.

You won’t want to choose a settee that will be too bulky, nor will you want one that is too small for your living room.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should take measurements before shopping for a sofa. By having the correct measurements, you’ll also be able to decide where you have enough room to place it.

And don’t forget to consider where other furniture like coffee tables, table lamps, and even end tables will need to go. 

Pick The Right Style

The style of sofa you choose should suit both your interior decor and personality.

And we offer various styles you can customize to your specifications to give you a unique piece of furniture.

A traditional style settee is elegant, but as it will dominate the room, it’s not the best choice for a small room.

If you prefer something more minimalistic, check out the sleek modern design as it won’t distract from any other furniture you have like end tables.

A contemporary style settee offers the modern minimalistic look with a few elegant, intricate details of a traditional style, so it may be the best choice if you’re uncertain.

Choose The Right Size

Choosing the right size settee to suit your needs is not always easy. You may have a small room but require seating options for more people. 

And to be sure that the sofa doesn’t clutter up any existing furniture, you need enough space to place one.

By first checking out the dimensions of your room, you’ll know which size to order so you’ll avoid purchasing something you’ll later regret.

Our Collection Of Great Living Room Settees

Our wide selection of furniture includes settees that you can customize to create a unique piece of furniture to enhance your room.

Great Choice Of Sizes

Sofas come in all sizes, so whether you have a large open-plan room or a small studio apartment, you’ll find one to suit your needs in our collection.

A cozy two-seater sofa is ideal for a small household, but large families need to maximize seating options, so they need something larger. The perfect solution would be to purchase a combination of a two-seater and three-seater settee with some matching chairs and accent tables If you have room.

Amazing Style Options

We have a fantastic selection of sofas that are available in various styles. And to make your stylish sofa unique, you can take advantage of our customization options to create it to your specifications to match your room.

The manufacturers we work with have partnered with some of the best and most renowned furniture designers in America to bring you some of the most amazing sofas and settees. 

Our Exceptional Quality And Design Standard

To ensure that we only offer our customers products of exceptional quality and design standards, we have partnered with the best furniture manufacturers in North Carolina.

Kiln-Dried Solid Hardwood

Many lower-priced brands can only offer cheaper settees as they cut costs by producing frames from inferior quality wood like plywood or pine. The sofa will sag and become uncomfortable with minimal usage, so you’ll soon need to replace it.

For your settee to last, you’ll need to purchase one with a superior quality frame.

We can assure you that the settees from our collection are all produced with kiln-dried solid hardwood frames. They’ll give you all the support you need for decades while remaining comfortable.

Top-Quality Fabrics

A settee must be produced from top-quality materials if you want it to be durable.

A hardwood frame will give you the necessary support, but your stylish sofa will soon fade unless it is upholstered with top-quality fabrics.

We have a fantastic selection of upholstery options, all sourced from top American mills that no other brands can beat. With a color choice ranging from bright shades to subtle hues, you can select the color and pattern to match your existing furniture.

Superior Living Room Settees From North Carolina

Any furniture you purchase from our collection will last for decades as it’s all made from superior-quality materials.

We offer a fantastic selection of living room furniture made by the best manufacturers in North Carolina with over 40 years of experience producing top-quality settees. They only employ highly qualified craftspeople and source local, top-quality resources to make their custom-made furniture.

With their production centers near the Appalachian forests, there is no shortage of superior hardwood for them to take advantage of.

So when you purchase one of our sofas, you can be proud of supporting local jobs and the American economy.

Browse Our Collection Of Living Room Settees

Visit our online store to see the latest deals on living room settees that we offer at an affordable price.

You’ll be able to create a unique settee that will enhance your existing living room furniture with our excellent customization options. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need inspiration with customizing or if you need further information about our products and great deals.

We have an incredible team of customer care members who are happy to be of assistance.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make a perfect choice.