Whether you’re looking for a home office chair or you need to set up a new commercial office space, it’s important to never sacrifice design, quality, and ergonomic features. 

Unfortunately, many office desk chairs available are cheap imported products where you end up making sacrifices in at least one of those key areas. 

That’s why we made it our mission to find furniture manufacturers in North Carolina with a proven track record of producing the highest quality and best design standards. 

And this has made finding the right chair a whole lot easier. 

Choosing The Right Office Chairs

There are three important things you need to carefully consider when trying to find the most comfortable chairs for your office. 

  1. Pick The Right Style

Yes, making sure that your desk chairs match your overall office design is one of the most important things in your research. There are significant differences between an ultra-modern mesh material office chair and a traditional button-tufted leather executive chair. 

Both are fantastic choices for the right type of room, but you don’t want to end up mixing the wrong style with your interior decor. 

So, take a step back and decide what kind of visual impact you want in your office and then base your search for a new chair on matching that style. 

  1. Decide On Upholstery

The next thing you want to decide on is whether you prefer leather or fabric upholstery for your office chair. While fabric ones tend to be cheaper chairs, they offer more flexibility if you want a specific color or pattern to match your room. 

Whichever way you decide, you need to make sure that the upholstery is durable to withstand your own body weight and friction in places like the chair’s armrests. 

For a luxurious and comfortable seat, you definitely want to consider a leather swivel chair. Not only will it provide amazing comfort and durability, but it will look amazing in your office. 

  1. Look For Ergonomic Features

At the very least, you should have an office chair where you can adjust the seat height and backrest with a tilt mechanism. This will allow you to get into a comfortable position with a correct posture where you don’t have to adjust your body to get into a working position. 

It’s also a good idea to look for adjustable lumbar support and seat cushions. The back support will protect your lower back with a natural curve, and if you can adjust the seat depth, then you’ll make sure that your buttocks and thighs get the right support to avoid slouching. 

Our Collection Of Great Office Chairs

We have made sure that we have the best chairs made in America, and the big difference from other stores is that we only source from office chair manufacturers with a proven track record of using the best possible materials. 

And that means you have two important options to choose from. 

Leather Upholstery Office Chairs

Leather swivel chairs don’t just belong in executive board rooms. Home offices can be completely transformed with leather chairs that feel as impressive as they look. 

With the adjustable height and back support, you’ll find that long hours of sitting down in such a comfortable chair won’t leave you with aches and pains. 

Fabric Upholstery Office Chairs

We also have desk chairs with highly durable fabric upholstery. The advantage they offer is that there is a wider variety of color and pattern choices than with leather, and they can be a bit cheaper while still giving you a good chair to use for work. 

The breathable nature of the fabric also makes them more suitable if you live in a hot climate where a leather office chair might become a bit uncomfortable. 

Our Exceptional Quality And Design Standards

Every single office chair that we choose for our store has to match the same strict standards we set for all the furniture in our store. 

Sturdy Frames

One thing you can’t compromise on is the sturdiness of a desk chair that you spend many hours on. That’s why we make sure that our manufacturing partners use kiln-dried hardwood and strong metal frames. 

This means that your chair won’t be in danger of sagging or even breaking down after just a few years of use. 


If you spend a lot of time at your desk in front of a computer or on the phone, then you always want to make sure you have a chair that promotes better posture. And to achieve the best lumbar support, you need adjustability. 

Most adjustable chairs will allow changes. But it’s almost more important to be able to change the tilt of the backrest than an adjustable height. 

That’s why we offer ergonomic chairs with extensive adjustability to get your back into perfect alignment. 

Top-Quality Upholstery

And finally, our manufacturing partners have a long track record of sourcing the best fabric and leather upholstery money can buy

These make sure that your desk chair will look as great in many years’ time as it did the first day you sat on it. 

Superior Office Chairs From North Carolina

All of the furniture manufacturers we have partnered with are based in North Carolina. And the reason we picked them is because of their dedication to hiring the most talented local craftspeople to create furniture using hand-made techniques and amazing materials. 

With each adjustable chair built to order, you also have some customization options available. From different patterns in upholstery to the finishing shade of the exposed wood, you’ll truly have a one-of-a-kind desk chair. 

Not only will it look great and last for decades, but you’ll also be supporting local jobs, families, and the American economy. 

Browse Our Collection Of Best Office Chairs

If you have thought about the simple steps above to get an idea of the type and style of office chair you need, it’s now time to browse through our collection of available chairs. 

It will be the only chair you’ll need for a very long time, and you’ll make sure that you always sit comfortably with great lumbar support. 

And to help you with the ordering and customization process, simply call our customer service team today. We’ll guide you through the whole process and make sure you get the ideal kind of chair.