Finding the perfect office desk has to involve more than just settling for something that isn’t your kitchen table. With so many people switching to spending part of their working week in a home office environment, it’s more important than ever to find the best products. 

Whether you need a large executive-style desk, or a small one that will work well when you don’t have much space, it all comes down to great style, quality, and size.

Unfortunately, many office furniture manufacturers can’t deliver on all these needs, and that’s why we have carefully chosen a few American companies to supply our home office range. 

Choosing The Right Office Desk 

Here are four things you need to think carefully about before you start shopping for a new desk. 

Measure Your Office Space

This isn’t just important for smaller spaces. Even if you have a large designated office at home where there’s no problem with available space, you need to understand how your new desk will fit in. 

Just like a large desk will be impractical and visually out of place in a small room, a desk that is too small won’t look right in a large office. 

So, make sure you get out your measuring tape and figure out how much space you want to dedicate to a desk. 

Pick A Matching Style

Office workstations are no different than buying furniture for any other room in your home. Your desk needs to visually fit in from a style perspective, so it’s important to take a step back and fully understand what kind of design you want to achieve. 

See, a very modern desk with a glass top will look wrong if you have a very classic interior design. Similarly, a classic desk with lots of intricately carved wood won’t look right in a very modern office space. 

Make sure you consciously think about this before you start picking some desks. And if you’re struggling with picking the right style, then start with a contemporary design that doesn’t take things to the classic or modern extreme. 

Check For Ergonomic Features

While many people have switched to using standing desks, there are some more basic things that you might want to consider. 

First of all, with adjustable desks, you can slightly change the height. And that is important for people who are shorter or taller than average to get the right eye to computer alignment. 

The width and depth of the desk are also important as they will dictate how easily you can space out your computer and writing equipment. 

It will also tell you whether you can buy a standing desk attachment to perfectly fit your new desk. 

Account For Storage Options

The other thing you want to make a conscious decision on is how much storage space you need for your office equipment. Keeping your desk uncluttered and having somewhere to put personal items and stuff you rarely use in drawers is an ideal way to stay organized. 

So, when you check out different desks available, consider whether you get the right balance of workspace and storage. 

Our Office Desk Collection 

We have partnered with the best furniture manufacturers in North Carolina to bring you a great choice of different desks. 

Standard Home Office Desk

Our standard-size desks are perfectly suited for spending long hours each day at a desktop, laptop, or working through documents. They also work well as writing desks for college students, as they will give you enough space to comfortably spread out your laptop and keyboard on one side while having enough space for books or documents on the other side. 

And if you prefer to stand for parts of the day, then these desks should also be large enough to add a stand desk converter. 

L-Shaped Desks

A corner desk with an l-shape is an ideal way to maximize your workspace when you don’t have a particularly large office. Even in particularly small spaces, the corners are often empty and underutilized. 

You could place some shelves there or a filing cabinet, but most people will gain a lot more from computer desks that can perfectly fit into such a corner. 

The corner portion of these desks also adds more depth allowing you to have a larger work area and even room for an additional screen.

Executive Desks

If you want to make a true statement with your desk and have enough space in your office for a free-standing centerpiece, then an executive desk is the way to go. 

Not only do they make a great first visual impression, but they also maximize desk surface space for more screens, equipment, and room for documents and books. 

You can also set up such desks for multiple people to work in the same place without getting in each other’s way. 

Superior Quality Office Desks From North Carolina

We have sourced all of our office furniture from carefully selected businesses in North Carolina. These are companies with a proven track record of dedication to using the highest-quality materials and employing the best craftspeople. 

And because they have been using handmade techniques for over 40 years, you have the added confidence of knowing you’ll receive amazing quality and durability that will last a lifetime. 

With each desk’s finish involving human interaction, you have a level of detail that can’t be matched with cheap imported furniture. 

All this also comes with the added satisfaction of supporting local jobs, employees, and the American economy. 

Browse Our Large Range Of Home Office Desks 

We have a wide array of great options for home office desks suitable for all kinds of interior designs and available spaces. 

Whether you need something for a small space or a large corporate executive desk, we’ll be able to help you find the right choice from our collection. 

And if you need help with figuring out which desks and customization options will be most suitable for your home, then talk to our customer service team today. 

We’re ready to answer all your questions and look forward to hearing from you.