You may find places to buy patio furniture at lower prices than ours, but you can’t expect it to be as durable as the furniture we offer in our collection.
To offer you superior quality, we have partnered with furniture manufacturers in North Carolina. They have a proven track record in producing a combination of unique designs and excellent quality.
So by purchasing outdoor seating or dining sets from our collection, you’ll have furniture you can be proud to own and that will last for decades.

Planning Your Outdoor Furniture

Whether you need new patio furniture for a small or large area, you’ll need to plan carefully to make sure you choose the right outdoor tables, chairs, or sofas.

Look At Your Outdoor Layout

Our outdoor patio furniture sets are available in many sizes. So it’s essential to measure the dimensions of your patio to see if you have enough room for what you’ve chosen.
You’ll also need to know how much space you have in the garden if you plan to place it there. You won’t want your furniture looking cramped with bulky items, nor will you want to purchase too much when you don’t have adequate room.
Once you’ve determined your available space, you can decide whether to purchase individual pieces or one of our fantastic patio sets.

Pick The Right Style

You’ll want your outdoor living space to be just as attractive as your interior design. To ensure this, pick the right design style to suit your personality.
The traditional design is ideal if you want to make a statement with a dining set or outdoor sofas.
For more of an understatement, the sleek mid-century modern style with its minimalistic look will complement your outdoor spcace.
But many people like something between these two styles, so we also offer the classy, contemporary style that is sleek with only a few intricate details.

Choose The Right Dimensions

You’ll need to get the dimensions right if you want the furniture to look good in your outdoor area.
Small spaces may not have enough room for an outdoor sectional or sofas, but if you have a lot of space available, these would be an excellent addition for the family to sit together.
Knowing how much space you have available will make it easier for you to decide what to place there. Then you can take a look at our collection of individual pieces.

Maximize Seating Options

You’ll need to have enough seating for all your guests when entertaining outdoors. If you have enough space, sectionals are ideal as you can purchase individual elements to suit your needs.
But if you need extra seating at the dining table, a bench is the ideal solution as it doesn’t take up as much room as individual chairs.
If you have a fire pit that you like to sit around on a chilly evening, you’ll appreciate our selection of comfortable lounge chairs that come in various designs.

Our Outdoor Furniture Collection

To avoid making an incorrect purchase when buying outdoor furniture, you should consider what garden or patio furniture will suit your needs.
Check out the following information on products that will look great outdoors and are available in our online store.


We have a fantastic collection of sectionals and sofas that will look amazing as patio furniture or in the garden.
You can choose from custom-made 2-seater or 3-seater sofas or check out our sectionals that are perfect as conversation sets.
The advantage of our outdoor sectionals is that you can order them in a size, depending on the seating space you need.
Whether you purchase a sofa or a sectional, you can add atmosphere to the space by adding an accent piece such as an outdoor rug.


We offer a great variety of accent chairs, from side chairs to standard armchairs. The advantage of side chairs is that they can be used as extra seating for your dining sets when unexpected guests turn up. But they are light enough to shift if you want to move them into the shade on a hot day.
You may consider purchasing one of our chair sets, which includes a coffee table. Then you’ll have a convenient place to put a drink or a book when relaxing outdoors.
We’re convinced you’ll find the perfect chairs in our collection, whatever your style preferences.


We can offer you many styles of loungers suitable as patio furniture or for any outdoor space.
We have a great range of lounge chairs and chaise lounges that are perfect for relaxing outdoors in your free time.
Our stylish chaise lounges are incredibly comfortable and suit all decors. As they are smaller than the average sofa, they’re ideal for smaller spaces where a bulky sofa would look out of place.
And if you have a pool, then adding a few of these will create the perfect space for relaxation.

Dining Tables

Outdoor dining tables come in various shapes and sizes and are perfect for patio furniture.
You could purchase an outdoor dining set or patio tables with some additional if you enjoy outdoor dining experiences with guests.
But if you’re looking for something space-saving and a little cozier for your balcony or patio, maybe a bistro set is what you need. These include two chairs and a small table that fit into practically any space.

Exceptional Quality And Design Standards

When you buy patio furniture or any outdoor furniture from our collection, we can assure you of the highest possible quality and design standards as we only source furniture from manufacturers who offer superior craftsmanship.

Kiln-Dried Solid Hardwood

You have to expect the same quality for outdoor patio tables and chairs as indoor furniture if you don’t want to replace them after a couple of years.
Unlike products from many other retailers, all the outdoor pieces supplied by our manufacturing partners are made from kiln-dried solid hardwood that is highly durable.
The less expensive wooden products are mostly made with inferior quality wood such as plywood or pine, which isn’t sturdy or long-lasting and will soon need replacing.

Top-Quality Fabrics

It’s essential to choose fabrics that are water resistant for the upholstery of outdoor items. Otherwise, they’ll soon deteriorate if left out in rainy weather.
We offer a fantastic choice of top-quality, water-resistant fabrics that are produced by top mills in America.
With the impressive selection of textures, colors, and designs, you’ll be able to buy outdoor furniture that you can customize to create a unique outdoor decor.
The patterns range from conservative to bold and are available in a choice of colors, from subtle hues to warm, vibrant colors and bright shades.
You can create an extremely attractive, unique garden decor with the right combination of pattern and color.

Excellent Style Choices

Outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular in warm weather. And when you spend a lot of time outdoors, you’ll want the same satisfaction from your furniture as you get from what you have indoors.
With the excellent style choices we have, you can design your outdoor area as attractively as if it was your living room. We offer a great assortment of traditional, modern, and contemporary styles for you to customize your outdoor seating and tables to your own requirements.

Different Sizes For All Outdoor Spaces

However much outdoor space you have available, we have a tremendous selection of furniture pieces, including patio sets, dining sets, bistro sets, chaises, outdoor sofas, and much more.
Many of these pieces are available in various sizes and offer customization options. So you’ll be able to purchase affordable patio furniture suitable for small and large patios.
Be sure to measure your available space before deciding what to purchase, as you won’t want to overcrowd your outdoor area.

Superior Outdoor Furniture From North Carolina

The remarkable thing about our outdoor furniture line is that it’s all custom-made in North Carolina.
The companies we partner with have more than 40 years of experience in furniture production. And they only employ highly-qualified craftspeople to produce furniture made from top-quality materials, so you can expect it to last a lifetime.
As they produce near the Appalachian hardwood forests, there is no fear of material shortages as they can take advantage of the local supply of hardwood for manufacturing their custom-made furniture.
You’ll also support local jobs and the American economy when you purchase our outdoor patio furniture or other outdoor offers.

Browse Our Outdoor Furniture

Now that you know all about our exclusive brands of affordable patio furniture, it’s time to browse through our amazing collection to find the perfect piece to suit your needs.
And with the opportunity to customize it to your requirements, you’ll have unique furniture that you’ll be proud to own.
Should you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team members are happy to advise you on your customization choices.
We look forward to being of assistance.