If, like most women, you want a space in your home to groom yourself in front of a mirror whether in the bedroom or the bathroom, then vanity tables are an excellent way to also make a visual impact in a room.

The problem is that many furniture companies decide to reduce costs with cheap imported materials. While the furniture might be cheaper, you’ll end up regretting a purchase where you sacrifice on quality, durability, or design. 

To ensure excellent durability and design standards of our products, we only partner with manufacturers in North Carolina who use locally sourced top-quality materials to supply their custom-made furniture.

Choosing The Right Bedroom Vanities

To avoid purchasing a vanity table you’ll later regret buying, check out the following tips before shopping for one.

Look At Your Room Layout

There must be enough space in your bedroom to accommodate a vanity table. So you should know the room’s dimensions to avoid purchasing an item that is either too large or too small.

Before you shop for one, measure the room and check how to arrange the existing furniture around it.

Ideally, placing one in front of a window would be best so you’ll get enough natural light when applying your makeup. You should also consider placing it across from your bed to create balance in your room.

Pick The Right Style

A vanity table is a great looking piece of furniture with drawers to store items like beauty products and hair accessories out of sight.

You’ll find vanities in a variety of styles and shapes. And adding a mirror will make it the perfect place to groom yourself.

Just be sure to choose one to match the design of your room. A traditional design gives an elegant look, while the mid-century modern is minimalistic.

But for something that’s neither an over nor understatement, a sleek contemporary one with few added details might be what you’re looking for.

Choose The Right Size

A vanity table is an excellent solution to avoid clutter with all the beauty products you keep in your bedroom. And they’re available in various sizes, from tall and narrow to short and wide.

But you need to know how much space you have to place one, and then you’ll be able to shop for the correct size.

First, consider how much you need to store in the drawers and whether the product you choose has mirrors or maybe you need to order them separately.

Consider Storage Options

You’ll be able to keep everything in order in your bedroom with our vanity furniture as you’ll have enough storage space for essentials. 

Most designs have drawers where you can organize various items like beauty products, jewelry, or even other things.

Some designs have only a large center drawer, while others have multiple smaller drawers where you can store things separately in an organized way. 

Before shopping for a vanity unit, consider what items you’ll want to organize in it to know how many drawers you’ll need.

Our Bedroom Vanities Collection

Check out our fantastic collection of bedroom vanities that are available in a variety of styles.

And when you find the perfect design for your bedroom, you can customize it to match your decor perfectly.

Classic Design

Our traditional, classic style vanity tables are ideal as they’ll draw attention to your bedroom decor with their intricate details.

For classic design to complement your decor, you’ll need a lot of space. So you should only consider it if you have a large room where it will also match your existing furniture.

Be aware that this timeless design won’t be suitable if you have a modern style room.

When you find one to match your requirements, you can take advantage of our customization options to create a unique piece of furniture.

Modern Design

Unlike classic furniture, a modern-style vanity table is not oversized or elaborate, so it is also suitable for a smaller room.

Its simple design and clean lines will complement the room with its minimalistic look instead of distracting from your decor.

But if you find it too plain, you can always add some accent pieces like mirrors and lamps to pep it up.

Contemporary Design

Our contemporary style vanity tables are ideal if you find classic too ornate and modern too sleek.

This design is easy to integrate into any home as it goes with the trend of the day.

Although it is sleek, it won’t be an understatement as it has a few added intricate details. But instead of it taking centerstage, it will give the room an uncluttered atmosphere.

Exceptional Quality And Design Standards

We’ve partnered with North Carolina’s top furniture manufacturers to offer our customers exceptional quality and design standards for the bedroom vanities you’ll find in our collection.

Kiln-Dried Solid Hardwood

Many brands offer lower-priced vanity tables, but they cut costs by producing them from inferior quality wood such as pine or plywood.

You may be attracted to the design, but you won’t be making a long-term investment. As pine and plywood are not durable, you’ll need to replace the furniture within a couple of years.

For bedroom vanities to last, they must be produced from top-quality materials.

That’s why we only supply furniture made from kiln-dried solid hardwood sourced in North Carolina that will last you for decades.

Glass Top Options

Consider our tempered glass top options to make a statement with your vanity table. A glass-top vanity unit will add a bit of glamor and charm to your room as it’s stylish and modern.

But glass tops also have another advantage. They help prevent scratches on your vanity tabletop and keep the top clean. You won’t need to worry about stains if you accidentally spill makeup on it, as you’ll be able to wipe it up with a damp cloth.

So check out this option before you place an order.

Amazing Design Options

The fantastic design options you’ll find with our bedroom vanities are unbeatable. There’s something to suit every home decor, whatever your personal preferences are.

Apart from choosing from the various styles we offer, you can create a vanity table to your specification by taking advantage of our customization options.

We’ve teamed up with manufacturers who have partnered with top American designers to bring you some amazing vanity tables that will make you the envy of all your friends.

Great Accessories

There are some great accessories available for vanity units, and one of the most important is a vanity stool.

You can match or contrast the color of the stool to your table depending on what suits your decor best. 

Another essential accessory is a mirror. You’ll have the choice of purchasing a trendy single mirror with lights that will add a touch of luxury to your room. 

Or check out the three-fold mirrors. They are an excellent choice as you can move the side mirrors slightly for a better view when applying makeup.

Superior Vanities From North Carolina

All the furniture we supply is made from superior quality materials sourced in North Carolina so that it will last for decades.

We have a fantastic selection of vanity tables suitable for any bedroom design made by the top furniture manufacturers in North Carolina. They have more than 40 years of experience producing custom-made furniture and only employ highly skilled craftspeople to make the vanity tables we supply.

There is no shortage of the best quality hardwood for production as their manufacturing centers are near the Appalachian forests.

When you purchase a vanity table from our collection, you can be proud of supporting local companies and the American economy.

Browse Our Bedroom Vanity Tables Collection

Browse the bedroom vanity table collection in our online store today to find our latest deals that will match any home decor.

And with our great customization options, you’ll be able to create a unique piece of furniture to enhance your bedroom at an affordable price.

Please get in touch with us for any further information about our products or if you need help with our customization options.

Our customer care team will be happy to be of assistance.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you choose the perfect product.