When checking out kids’ room furniture that is not only functional but also manufactured to the highest safety standards, you’ll find nowhere better than our one-stop furniture shop.

All the products in our collection are manufactured in North Carolina by companies with over 40 years of experience producing top-quality kids’ furniture.

Whether you’re planning a kids’ room for older children or little ones, we can offer you a fantastic selection of furniture in various styles that are suitable for girls and boys.

But first, let me give you an idea of what you should consider before purchasing.

Planning Your Kids’ Furniture

With our customization options, you can design kids’ furniture to your specifications to match the room decor.

But careful planning is essential if you don’t want to be disappointed in what you’ve created when the furniture arrives.

Look At Your Room Layout

It’s vital to check out the room’s layout before shopping for furniture.

Many children prefer to do homework in their bedroom, so they need a desk and chair space. But it’s also essential to have enough storage cupboards for toys, books, and clothes.

By taking measurements before you shop, you’ll know how much space you have available and where to place the items you choose. And by doing so, you’ll also avoid overcrowding the room by purchasing too many pieces.

Pick The Right Style 

The style of a kids’ bedroom depends on whether you’re planning for a toddler, little ones, or an older child.

When choosing for a toddler or little one, you should keep the style simple with child-sized furniture.

But older children may want something a little bit more sophisticated. They may prefer a traditional, classic design, something sleeker in a mid-century modern design, or a contemporary design that is somewhere between these two.

Whatever you’re looking for, we have a great variety of styles to choose from to match the room’s decor. 

Choose The Right Size Bed

Kids’ beds need to be the correct size to ensure that your children are comfortable when they sleep. A toddler bed is possibly suitable for the first three to four years, but by age five or six, a child should transition to a larger single bed.

When your kids share a room, you can select from twin beds or bunk beds for them.

And, if you have limited space in your kids’ bedroom but need an extra bed for sleepovers, check out trundle beds as a flexible option.

Consider Seating Options

With the selection of kids’ furniture available nowadays, you can turn your kids’ room into a haven where they can get together with friends if you have space to add a few extra chairs.

A toy chest is an alternative as it is a versatile piece that can double up as seating. Or you may consider a couple of stacking storage cubes that can be placed around the room to sit on when necessary.

Include Storage

There are many storage options available nowadays, whether you’re looking to invest in bunk beds with built-in storage space or are opting for storage wardrobes or dressers with a couple of drawers.

Wardrobes are the most convenient for storing clothes. And if you have enough space, a toy chest is excellent for avoiding your kid’s toys cluttering the room. Another option would be storage cubes or storage bins where you can place similar toys together.

If you have available wall space, you should also add a couple of shelves for storing books, board games, or puzzles.

Exceptional Quality And Design Standards

When sourcing kids’ furniture, one of our top priorities is to offer our customers furniture produced by manufacturers from North Carolina who work to the highest possible quality standards. 

Kiln-Dried Solid Hardwood

The quality of the materials used in manufacturing children’s furniture is essential if you want it to be durable.

All our kids’ furniture is made from kiln-dried solid hardwood. This also means that the bed frames will not only last a long time, but the beds will remain comfortable.

To cut costs, other brands that offer lower prices use inferior materials, such as pine or plywood, for production. These are not long-term investments, as a bed frame made from plywood will soon need replacing when it starts to sag, so you’ll end up with extra costs.

Top-Quality Fabrics

We can offer you an impressive selection of top-quality upholstery fabrics that are produced in top mills in America. So whether you need furniture suitable for boys or girls, you’ll find the right upholstery fabric in our collection.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the selection of colors, designs, and textures. If your kids share a room, they can order the same fabric design but with individual color choices.

And by choosing the correct combination to match your furniture, you’ll add personality to the decor of the kids’ bedroom.

Excellent Style Choices

We offer a vast range of beds, whether you need toddler beds, twin beds, or bunk beds. And, as with all our desks, chairs, dressers, and other kids’ bedroom items, they come in all styles ranging from traditional to sleek, mid-century modern and contemporary.

Then by taking advantage of our customization options, you’ll be able to match the kids’ furniture you choose to the room’s existing decor.

We are convinced that you’ll be proud of what you have been able to create.

Dimensions For All Bedroom Sizes

Whether your children share a small bedroom or have a larger room each, our products come in various dimensions, so you’ll find just what you need whatever size the room is.

The dimension of the kids’ beds depends on what bed you are looking for. Toddlers beds are smaller, but your child will soon outgrow one and need something larger. 

Bunk beds are the ideal choice when two children share a small room as then you’ll have more space to place other necessary items. But for a bigger room, you may want to consider twin beds.

Superior Children’s Furniture From North Carolina

We have an amazing range of high-quality children’s furniture in our collection that has been produced in North Carolina.

All the producers we work with have over forty years of experience manufacturing superior-quality products. They only employ highly-qualified artisans and source all their materials locally.

And they are able to take advantage of the abundant supply of hardwood available from the nearby Appalachian forests to produce custom-made furniture to suit individual needs.

When purchasing items from our collection, you can be proud of supporting local companies, their employees, and the American economy.

Browse Our Kids’ Furniture

Now is the time to take advantage of the top deals in kids’ furniture that you’ll find in our online store.

When you purchase from us, you can be proud of having unique, top-quality products for the kids’ bedrooms without having to spend a fortune.

So check out our great selection of superior furniture suitable for all ages that you can customize to match their bedroom decor.

If you need inspiration on how to create the right atmosphere or need assistance in customizing your choice, one of our customer service team members will be happy to assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you.