Bedside tables and nightstands are an excellent addition to bedroom furniture.

Apart from their function of having somewhere to place bedside lamps and a phone, many of our nightstands also have drawers to provide extra storage options.

The problem you often encounter with furniture manufacturers is that they don’t fully deliver on quality, style, and practicality. You often have to compromise on one of these areas. 

And that’s why we make sure that all our furniture is produced by manufacturers in North Carolina who only use superior quality materials to ensure excellent durability and design standards.

Choosing The Right Nightstand

Our customization options will allow you to choose a functional nightstand or bedside table to match your existing bedroom furniture.

But before shopping for one, look at the following tips to avoid purchasing an item you’ll regret later. 

Look At Your Room Layout

You need to have enough space next to your bed to place a nightstand or bedside table, whether you have an extra large or single bed.

When you share a room with your partner and have a queen or king-size bed, purchasing two nightstands is better to create a sense of balance. But with two single beds, you could place a nightstand between the beds or just next to one single bed.

Whatever size your bed is,  you’ll need to measure the available space before you order to ensure a good fit.

Pick The Right Style

You’ll find a great variety of styles in our collection of nightstands and tables. These range from traditional to modern and contemporary. So you’re sure to find one that will fit your bedroom decor.

As your bed is probably the center point of your room, you’ll need to decide whether a bedside table or nightstand will give the best visual impact.

Check out our traditional style products if you’re looking for something elegant. But for a sleek design, you’ll need a modern style.

Or you’ll have the choice of contemporary style that is sleek but with a few intricate details to make it unique.

Choose The Right Size

As you may need to access what’s on your nightstand or bedside table at night, you should be sure it is the right height to suit your bed.

Standard size nightstands and night tables measuring between 23” and 28” are an excellent fit for standard bed frames. But if you have a bed with box springs or thick mattress toppers, you’ll need to consider one 30” tall or higher.

Choosing one with enough space to place things like bedside lamps or a phone is also essential.

Consider Storage

A nightstand typically has from one to three drawers and is a functional piece of furniture. The drawers will provide plenty of storage room to place things you want easily accessible but out of sight.

If you have the space, consider purchasing two nightstands. They’ll not only give you extra storage space for smaller items but will also help to achieve symmetry in your bedroom.

Make sure you take practical considerations to finding the right number and size of drawers. While multiple drawers might seem practical, they can often limit how much you can store in them. 

Our Nightstand Collection

Whether you’re looking for night tables or nightstands for your bedroom, you’ll need a style to match your room decor.

We offer various styles for you to select from, and with our customization options, you can create a unique piece of furniture you’ll be proud of.

Classic Design

We have a great selection of stylish and elegant bedside tables and nightstands to suit a traditional, classic bedroom decor. With their intricate details, they could draw attention to the design of your room.

But be careful. This timeless, classic design won’t work so well if your existing furniture is a modern or contemporary style. 

And be aware that a traditional, classic style needs space, so you’ll need a large room for it to complement your decor.

Once you find the right design bedside table or nightstand, check out our customization options that will help you create a unique piece of furniture.

Modern Design

Our modern design nightstands are not oversized or elaborate, so they are suitable for smaller rooms.

With its simple design and clean lines, modern design furniture has a minimalistic look. And if you find this too plain, you could pep it up by placing some accent bedside lamps on it.

Unlike traditional furniture, modern-style bedside tables and nightstands are not ornate, so they are also suitable for children’s bedrooms.

When you choose this design, please take advantage of our customization options to create a perfect match for your bedroom decor. 

Contemporary Design

If classic is too intricate and modern too sleek, you should check out our contemporary style night tables and nightstands. You’ll find that this design is easier to integrate into your bedroom decor.

As it goes with the trend of the day, it doesn’t have too many intricate details to make it the centerpiece of the room, but neither is it a complete understatement.

And you can customize it to match your existing bedroom furniture to achieve a visual flow and continuous color theme. 

Exceptional Quality And Design Standards

We only work with the best furniture producers based in North Carolina to supply our customers with exceptional quality and design standards.

And as this is a top priority for us, we set them extremely high standards.

Design Options

Depending on your preferences, we offer a great selection of design options for bedroom furniture, including bedside tables and nightstands.

Bedside tables are ideal for placing things like bedside lamps, phones, or books you need at night.

On the other hand, nightstands also have one or more drawers where you can store small items. You could use the top drawer for things you regularly use, whereas you can place underwear in the bottom drawers.

Whatever design you choose from our collection, you can be sure it’s of the highest design standards. 

Kiln-Dried Solid Hardwood

For nightstands or bedside tables to last for decades, they must be produced from the best quality wood possible.

We only supply furniture made from kiln-dried solid hardwood sourced in North Carolina. It enables us to offer our customers products that will last for decades and stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

To cut costs, many cheaper brands use inferior materials such as plywood or pine. So, however suitable the item looks when you purchase it, it will soon show signs of wearing and need replacing.

Glass Top Options

Nightstands and bedside tables are great options for a convenient place to put down things you might need during the night.

We offer the option of glass tops for some of our products as they provide excellent protection against scratches on the wood surface of the underlying table.

Not only do they protect from scratches, but they also protect the nightstand from water damage should you spill the drink you place there for the night.

And don’t underestimate the visual impact a glass top nightstand can have. They can work especially well in a modern and visually minimalistic room. 

Excellent Style Choices

You’ll find a variety of styles when you browse through our collection of bedroom tables and nightstands.

The styles range from traditional to modern and contemporary, so there’s something to match every home decor

A traditional bedside table may be too ornate for your taste and distract from other furniture in your room. In contrast, mid-century modern design could be too sleek. If so, look at the contemporary design, which is sleek with just a few intricate details to make it unique.

Superior Nightstands From North Carolina

Our bedside furniture is manufactured in North Carolina by furniture producers that have over 40 years of experience in producing top-quality products.

Their employees are highly skilled craftspeople who work with the highest quality materials to provide customers with exceptionally durable bedside tables.

The production centers are near the Appalachian forests, so they can take advantage of the abundance of Appalachian hardwood for production. And to ensure satisfaction, they offer fantastic customization options to fulfill all their customers’ requirements.

You’ll also support North Carolina companies, their employees, and the American economy when you purchase nightstands from our collection.

Browse Our Nightstand Collection

In our online store, you’ll find a fantastic selection of bedside furniture made from superior wood.

Now is the time to check out our special deals and take advantage of our customizing options to match nightstands or bedside tables to your existing furniture.

If you need inspiration for customizing any of our products before you place an order, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our customer care team members is available to assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you choose the perfect nightstand.