Whether you need extra seating for your living room, want to add some extra comfort, or are looking for a convenient space to store various items, the simplest solution is an ottoman. It’s a versatile piece of furniture suitable for any interior decor style.

We have a great selection in all sizes and styles that you can customize to whatever color you require. As our offers range from square to rectangular and round ottomans, you’ll also have the option to decide which shape suits you best.

And to ensure customer satisfaction, all the furniture we stock is produced by manufacturers in North Carolina, who provide made-to-order furniture from top-quality materials.

Choosing The Right Ottoman

With our customization options, you can tailor any of our ottomans to your specification.

But before you start thinking about colors and patterns, check out the following tips to help avoid purchasing something you’ll regret later.

Look At Your Room Layout

Whether you’re purchasing an ottoman for your bedroom or living room, it’s important that you check out the room’s layout to decide what is most suitable. 

Ottomans come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. So measuring the room’s dimensions will help you decide what size to order and whether square, rectangular, or round ottomans are the right choice to give the visual impact you expect.

And don’t forget you’ll need to place it where you can easily access any items you store in it.

Pick The Right Style

Before checking out our ottomans, decide which style best suits your home decor.

We have some elegant tufted ones that will be an excellent accent piece to complement a bold, traditional design room.

Or you may prefer sleeker lines that perfectly match a modern or contemporary style.

But if you want your room to look more informal, one of our round ottomans in the style of your choice might be the best option.

Just make sure that whatever you choose, the ottoman needs to be strong enough to give support when used as extra seating.

Choose The Right Size

Our ottomans come in all sizes, so, having measured the space available to accommodate one,  you’ll know what size to order.

A rectangular ottoman is ideal for spacious rooms as you can fit many items into it and place it flush against the wall if required.

If you don’t have space for a rectangular one, two square, or round ottomans placed around the room will also give you the storage space you need, rather than having a larger one that looks bulky and out of place.

Look For Storage Option

Ottomans are an excellent addition to any home, whatever shape you choose, as they are so versatile.

We have an amazing selection of ones that can not only be used as storage pieces but also as extra seating, a comfortable footrest, or even a coffee table.

But as they also have a lot of storage space, they are the best thing for quickly hiding items lying around when visitors arrive unexpectedly.

Exceptional Quality And Design Standards

Not many suppliers come close to what we offer in quality and design standards.

After browsing our collection, you’ll realize that there’s no need for you to shop around elsewhere to find the right ottoman. 

Kiln-Dried Solid Hardwood

Unlike other brands, our furniture is produced from kiln-dried solid hardwood to ensure that our products will last for decades.

You can expect your ottoman to remain comfortable to sit on and withstand the daily wear and tear of family life.

Lower-priced products are made from inferior materials such as plywood or pine to allow the companies to cut costs. But you can’t expect them to last more than a few years. Then you’ll be faced with extra costs when they need replacing.

Top-Quality Fabrics

We have an advantage over many other furniture producers as the top-quality upholstery fabric used for all our products is exceptionally durable. The options are superior-quality fabrics from top American mills or high-quality leather.

To customize the upholstery, we have colors ranging from subtle hues to bright shades. And there’s a fantastic choice from traditional to fun patterns suitable for children.

If you love color in your home, you’ll find inspiration on how to match the design and color when you check out our fabric samples.

Amazing Leather Options

Many brands cut costs by offering ottomans of inferior quality or faux leather. These soon start to crack and tear, and your ottoman needs replacing.

Our products will last for decades because we only upholster with leather made from top-quality hides. And as the hides’ natural features, like scratches and scars, are left intact, your ottoman will be unique.

You’ll even have the opportunity to choose a color to match your room decor. We can dye the leather with a water-soluble aniline dye to whatever shade you choose, whether you love blue, red, or any other color.

High-Density Foam Cushions

When you check out cheaper brands of ottomans, you’ll find that they have a plush cushion filling. Plush tends to sag quickly, so it won’t look attractive or be comfortable for long.

Our advantage is that all the ottomans in our collection have a high-density foam cushion, so they are comfortable to sit on when used as an extra seat.

If you’re planning on using one regularly as a seat, check out the comfort level of the cushions in our customization options. There’s a choice of medium firm, firm, or deep seating comfort cushions.

Superior Ottomans From North Carolina

The custom-made ottomans in our collection are all produced by North Carolina furniture manufacturers with more than 40 years of experience producing superior-quality furniture.

They employ highly-skilled artisans to work with top-quality materials to produce exceptionally durable ottomans.

As the companies have their production centers near the Appalachian forests, there is no shortage of local hardwood for them to take advantage of. And to ensure customer satisfaction, they specialize in making customized furniture.

When purchasing our products, you can be proud of helping local companies and supporting the American economy.

Browse Our Ottoman Collection

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You’ll also find information on our regular promotions and special deals to help you find the perfect piece for your home.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need inspiration or help with customizing before placing an order. A customer care team member is always available to give you support.

We look forward to being of assistance and helping you make the perfect purchase.