Why Shop North Carolina Furniture

When shopping around for the finest furniture in North Carolina you may wonder why you should purchase locally instead of ordering furniture from a big box chain. After all, the big box chain may have a lower price (at times), and it may be easier to search for a particular furniture look online instead of at a local showroom. Well, there are a number of reasons why you should shop North Carolina furniture and make your purchases locally. Here are just a handful of reasons to do so. 


One of the top reasons you need to shop for furniture in North Carolina is the overall quality of the furniture. With big box stores you have no way of knowing the quality of the furniture. It may fall apart after a few weeks, not come with the necessary instructions, plus you’ll need to assemble it yourself. With the furniture in North Carolina you’re receiving the finest in quality. Plus, the furniture will either come pre-assembled and ready to go, or you can have a professional come out and assemble it for you. 

Buying furniture shouldn’t be frustrating, especially after it is in your house. You need furniture that’s ready to go as soon as it arrives in your home. That’s exactly what you receive when you invest in furniture from your local North Carolina furniture store. 


There’s nothing like the fine craftsmanship of a well put together piece of furniture. This is where the little details come in regarding the furniture. It’s the buttons stitched into the fabric or the intricately carved scrollwork on the legs. It’s the added cross sections of a chair back or other fine details you don’t receive with the mass-produced furniture you find online or through other large chain stores. This is the kind of quality you only receive from top of the line furniture constructed by the top furniture builders in the world. 

If you want furniture that is both elegant and stands out, you need to look at the fine details of the furniture. It’s how everything is stitched together and the grain of the wood. All of this plays a very big role in the furniture quality and is something you need to consider. Now, if you’re just look for something cheap, such as for a dorm room, where quality and craftsmanship is not important, by all means go with a company that mass-produces everything. But when quality and the intricacy of design is important to you, there’s nothing like the locally made furniture here in North Carolina. 

Made in the USA

When you buy furniture off of a website do you know where it’s coming from? Chances are, the furniture was built in a country such as China or India or Mexico. When furniture is made in these countries it is because it is done on the cheap. The fabric and wood is of inferior quality. The stitching is done quickly and not often inspected. Plus, beyond the quality of the furniture, the working conditions of these workers is terrible. They are not paid a fair wage and the companies often do not worry about the amount of waste produced during the manufacturing process. 

Instead, you need to look for furniture that is made right here in the United States. You’ll find the quality is on a higher level and all companies must pay the workers a higher wage while remaining within the environmental set regulations established both by the federal government and by the state. 

Beyond everything else, when you buy furniture that was made in the United States you’re keeping your money locally and helping a company within the U.S. and not a company that mistreats its workers and the planet. Wouldn’t you rather support workers and citizens just like you? When you shop North Carolina furniture you’re also supporting American workers and American companies. 

History of Excellence

Furniture made in North Carolina is known to be top of the line. There is a history of excellence behind everything that is made in the state. When you purchase from a local furniture store you’re likely buying furniture from a store that has been open and operating for close to 100 years. A number of the top furniture designers are all based in North Carolina, or at the very least have a headquarters that has been running in the United States for nearly as long with branches in North Carolina. 

It is important to continue to make your furniture purchases from North Carolina manufacturers and for stores based out of North Carolina as foreign nations like China or the Philippines have started to cut into the money made by local companies simply because the prices are so rock bottom due to the inferior quality and the lack of pack given to employees. By purchasing furniture from these outside locations you are not only taking money away from local retailers but it makes staying in business difficult for these companies that have been around for so long. 

So, if you want the finest quality of furniture that is made in the United States with 100 years of history behind it, make sure to shop North Carolina furniture the next time you’re on the market. 

Make Your Furniture Purchase in North Carolina

When you shop North Carolina furniture you’ll find there is no shortage in style and looks. Beyond the sheer number of options the furniture you find here is made in the United States and is of the highest quality around. If you’ve purchased furniture from big box websites in the past you likely have run into quality problems or the furniture not even looking like the website photographs. When you shop North Carolina furniture you’ll receive quality furniture made in the U.S. all while you support local companies. So, if you’re currently on the market for furniture, now is the perfect time to head on out to a North Carolina furniture store near you.