Sectional sofas are an excellent addition to large open-plan spaces, but they can also work extremely well in a smaller room where you need to make maximum use of the space. 

The problem is finding the right style, quality, and size to suit your home, and unfortunately, many people end up making sacrifices that can lead to disappointment. 

That’s why we have teamed up with the best furniture manufacturers in North Carolina to bring you the largest collection of sectional sofas made to order from the best quality materials. 

And with our customization options, you can be sure of having a unique piece of furniture.

Choosing The Right Sectional Sofa 

Our customization options allow you to design a sectional sofa to your specifications to fit in the space available to you.

Here are some expert tips to help you know what to look for when shopping for a sectional sofa.

Look At Your Room Layout

Not all rooms have enough floor space to accommodate the required furniture.

So before shopping for a sectional sofa, you should measure the dimensions of the room. Knowing the measurements will help you decide which size sectional sofa to purchase to give the best effect.

Also make sure you consider how you walk into and around the room to decide how you might also place coffee tables and end tables. 

Once you know how much living space you have, you need to plan where to place each piece of furniture in the room. Doing so lets you know where to put the sectional for the best viewing angle when you watch TV.

Pick The Right Style

With so many sofa styles to choose from, it’s essential you select one that will match your existing furniture.

If you want your sofa to be the room’s center point, you should consider a traditional style.

But if you don’t want it to distract from your existing furniture, the minimalistic look of the mid-century modern design would be your best choice.

Or you may prefer the contemporary style with a few intricate details added to its sleek design to give it a unique look. 

Choose The Right Size

A small sectional is enough for a small household, but if it’s placed in a larger room, it may look out of place. 

But a large sectional could be the best choice if you have a large room as you could use it as a room divider if necessary. 

For larger families, modular sofas with angled sections are ideal so the whole family can sit together comfortably while watching TV.

You’ll also have the advantage of purchasing individual pieces to provide you with the amount of seats you need. 

Look For Reclining Mechanisms

Suppose you’re planning on purchasing a sectional with reclining features. . The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether a manual or motorized reclining mechanism suits your needs.

Sectionals with manual reclining mechanisms are not quite as bulky as ones with motorized ones. But the motorized mechanisms are easier to use as they recline with the push of a button rather than having to push back with your body weight.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need a power socket close by or need to run an extension cable across the floor. 

Our Sectional Sofas Collection

We can offer you a wide selection of modular sofas with the added advantage of having customization choices that will make your sofa unique.

Sleeper Sofas

An L-shaped sleeper sectional sofa is a great visual attraction for any living room during the day but also has the advantage of being turned into a bed at night.

It’s a space saver if you live in a micro apartment but also perfect for those who need extra seating for entertaining guests.

It’s also ideal if you have regular overnight guests staying a couple of nights or more but don’t have a guest room. You’ll be able to put them up but still turn the bed back into a sofa during the day.

Small Sectionals 

If you have a compact living room, a small sectional sofa has the advantage over a small couch as it provides extra seating without taking up too much space.

These can sit perfectly into a corner area that is otherwise unused, and it can still leave some options for side tables. 

With the customizable options available, you can select the number of elements you need, then tailor the sofa to fit your space perfectly. You’ll also have the option of changing the seat depth if you prefer deep seats.

Large Sectionals

A large sectional is ideal if you need to create a divide between your dining and living space. It can act as a divider but still be a great feature.

And as many people like to sit together with the entire family when watching TV, it’s the best option as it offers space for everyone.

Or, if you have a large room and need extra seating for entertaining, a large u-shaped sectional would be the perfect solution. With the right customization approach, you can make this seating area as large as you need it to be. 

It’s also the best choice for binge-watching movies with friends when you have an entertainment room.

Chaise Lounge Sections

When you have enough space in your living room, it’s worth considering a stylish chaise lounge element for your sectional. Unlike the average sofa, a chaise section provides leg support as you can stretch out on it to relax when you want to take a nap.

It is also practical as it provides extra seating when required and adds a little extra charm to a room with its great visual flow.

But don’t forget to check whether a right-hand or left-hand side chaise would be the right decision for your room. Making the wrong choice here could end up making the room difficult to navigate. 

Reclining Features

A reclining feature on a sectional is the perfect place to lounge about after a hard day. You’ll be able to reduce your stress level with the comfort and support it offers.

It’s a perfect option if you often fall asleep while watching TV, as you can adjust the settings to your comfort level. 

But you will need enough space to accommodate one in your living room, as a recliner sectional tends to be rather bulky.

Another essential point to consider is that you have to have easy access to an electrical outlet if you choose a motorized one.

Exceptional Quality And Design Standards

We have partnered with the best furniture producers in North Carolina to offer you the following superior standards of materials in our collection of sectional sofas.

Kiln-Dried Solid Hardwood

If you’re looking for a durable sectional sofa, you should check that only high-quality materials are used in production.

Other furniture brands offer sectionals at a lower price. But, to cut costs, these often have inferior quality frames produced from plywood or pine. They’ll soon sag and become uncomfortable and will need replacing.

The sofas in our collection all have kiln-dried solid hardwood frames. So we can assure you that your sectional will last for decades and remain comfortable even when it has to stand up to the daily wear and tear of family life.

Top-Quality Fabrics

When shopping for a sectional, you must ensure that the upholstery fabric is durable if you want it to last.

We offer fantastic upholstery options for our sectionals that no other brands can beat. These options range from superior quality leather to fabrics produced in top American mills.

The fabric options include color and pattern options so you can match the fabric to your home decor. There’s something for everyone’s taste as the color selection ranges from subtle hues to bright shades.

Amazing Leather Options

A lower-price leather sectional couch will probably be made from inferior leather. So you can be sure that it will need replacing after a short time.

The leather upholstery options we offer for our modular design sofas will last you for decades as the leather is made from top-quality hides.

Natural features, such as scars and scratches, are left intact, making each piece unique.

And we can offer various colors to match the leather to your interior design, as the hides are dyed in water-soluble aniline dyes.

High-Density Foam Cushions

We have an advantage over cheaper brands as all our sectionals have high-density foam cushions to provide you with ultimate comfort for many decades.

You can also customize our cushions as you have the option of choosing the comfort level to suit your needs. We can offer you deep seating comfort cushions, medium firm cushions, or maybe you prefer something firmer.

You won’t get this level of comfort with cheaper brands. Cheaper brands often have a plush cushion filling that tends to sag quickly, so it will need to be replaced after minimal wear and tear.

Excellent Style Choices

We have a fantastic collection of modular design sectionals for you to select from, available in various styles. And you’ll have the opportunity to customize the one you choose to your specifications.

The traditional, classic style is an excellent choice if you want the sectional to take center stage.

But for a minimalistic look that won’t offer a distraction from any other pieces of furniture in the room, check out the modern design options.

Most people who are unsure which style to select choose the contemporary look with its sleek design and a few added intricate details.

Superior Sectional Couches From North Carolina

Our sectional sofas are produced in North Carolina by furniture manufacturers with more than 40 years of experience producing top-class furniture.

They employ highly qualified craftspeople to work with top-quality materials to produce exceptionally durable sectionals.

The companies take advantage of the abundance of local hardwood as their production centers are near the Appalachian forests. And to ensure their customers’ needs are satisfied, they have specialized in producing custom-made furniture.

You can be proud of supporting local companies, their employees, and the American economy when you purchase from our collection.

Browse Our Sectionals Collection

When you check out our online store, you’ll find an amazing collection of sectional sofas far superior to what you’ll find in many other stores. And they are available in styles and sizes that are suitable for most living spaces.

You’ll have a choice of styles that you can customize to suit your requirements and match your existing furniture and interior decor.

If you need further information on our products or assistance with the customizing options, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our customer care team members will be happy to advise you.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to make the perfect purchase.