Our one-stop furniture shop is a great place to buy custom furniture produced in North Carolina.
All the bedroom furniture in our collection has been made by manufacturers with a long history of producing amazing products. And their American creativity approach of offering all the options possible for customization allows customers to design a unique piece of furniture.
Whether your home decor is classic, modern aesthetic, or contemporary, you’ll find some exceptional designs to choose from. All the manufacturer’s interior designers strive to create top-grade designs that can be customized at an affordable price point.
Let us give you some information about what you need to consider before you get started.

Planning Your Bedroom Furniture

Purchasing custom furniture is a perfect way to ensure that your bedroom decor is unique. But planning is essential if you don’t want to buy furniture you’re disappointed with when it arrives.

Look At Your Room Layout

Although the master bedroom is usually the largest bedroom in a house, it doesn’t always have a perfect layout. So check the layout of your room to find the best position for your bed and whether you have enough space to add one or two nightstands.
Once you’ve worked this out, you’ll be able to find out the extent of the space left that you can fill with a chest of drawers or dresser for storing your clothing.
For the kids’ bedrooms, you need to consider whether there is enough room for one or two twin beds, or perhaps a queen-size one would be more suitable. And don’t forget to check what storage space is necessary.

Pick The Right Style

With so many attractive designs to choose from when you shop online for quality furniture, you need to be sure what style you are aiming for to suit your needs.
Traditional or classic style is not suitable for every home as it demands center stage, so think about whether this is the visual impact you want.
Check out the mid-century modern style if you want more of an understatement. As this has a more minimalistic look, it will complement rather than distract from your room decor.
If you prefer something between these two styles, look at the classy, contemporary style with a sleek design but with only a few intricate details.
You’ll find a huge selection in all these styles when you shop in our online store.

Choose The Right Size Bed

You may feel lost in beds that are too large but cramped in ones that are too small, so it’s essential to choose the right size bed if you expect a good night’s sleep.
Twin-size are suitable for kids’ bedrooms or smaller rooms. But for extra space, even when you sleep alone, we can offer queen and king-size ones.
Just be sure to measure your room before purchasing to ensure you have enough space for whichever size you choose.

Consider Seating Options

It’s always good to have some place to sit in your bedroom while getting dressed.
Or you may want a private nook where you can relax and read a good book. We can offer a great selection of accent chairs, such as a comfortable armchair or a rocker that you can match to your decor.
A bedroom bench is also a popular alternative. Placing a rectangular bench at the foot end of your bed gives you a seating option but is also somewhere to put those accent pillows during the night.

Include Storage

You’ll have adequate storage space for your clothes when you purchase a chest of drawers or a dresser from our collection.
But if you need more space, we also offer bedroom benches with storage space, so you’ll have a perfect place to store many items, including extra blankets for those cold nights or maybe even your footwear.
Our Bedroom Furniture Collection
Whatever furniture pieces you’re planning to purchase for either a master bedroom, guest room, or for kids’ rooms, we have an impressive selection to choose from.
Check out the following information on the vast selection of products available in our store.


Perhaps you want a larger classic style bed for the master bedroom, or you are looking for contemporary style beds for the kids’ bedrooms.
Whatever kind you need, we can offer you an excellent choice that ranges from day beds to twin, queen, and king-size ones.
With the customization options available at an affordable price, you’ll be able to design your bed to match your decor and make a statement. And you’ll have the advantage of creating the perfect setting to get a good night’s sleep.


Check out some of our fantastic headboard designs if you want your bedroom furniture to make a statement.
There’s an extensive line of fabric and leather upholstery in a great assortment of colors for you to choose from. This will allow you to match your headboard to any other furnishing in your room.
But if you don’t want it to take center stage, there are also some great designs to choose from that will blend in with your home decor.

Storage Solutions

We can offer you an unbeatable selection of chests with drawers that are ideal for storage. They are available as modern pieces but also come in traditional and contemporary designs.
Depending on the storage space necessary, we offer some extremely attractive pieces with between two and nine drawers.
And as you can customize the chest you choose to match your decor, you’ll have a unique design that you can be proud of.


Many of our nightstands or small side tables have drawers that you can use as extra storage space. Some have one drawer for storing more oversized items, and others have a couple of drawers suitable for storing smaller items.
Being the same height as the top of the mattress, you can place anything on them that you may need access to during the night, such as a table lamp or your cell phone.


A dresser is ideal if you have a spacious bedroom and need extra space for storing clothing. You’ll find dressers in a traditional style and also sleek and modern designs.
As dressers are waist-high, you’ll be able to place a dressing mirror on top. Then add accent pieces in various shapes and sizes to give your room a personalized touch.
We also have a wide range of color options for the wood portions of the dressers, allowing you to perfectly match it to the rest of your furniture and wall color.

Exceptional Quality And Design Standards

One of our top priorities is sourcing furniture from manufacturers that have developed the highest possible quality standards. And these are the features you can expect from every piece of furniture.

Kiln-Dried Solid Hardwood

The quality of the materials used for producing bedroom furniture is essential when considering how much time you spend in your bedroom.
So, to be sure that your furniture will last and your bed will remain comfortable, all the bedroom furniture and the bed frames in our collection are made from kiln-dried solid hardwood.
Many brands offer lower prices. And to keep costs down, the frames of these brands are produced from inferior materials such as pine or plywood. These are not a long-term investment as they will soon sag and become uncomfortable.
And when this happens, you’ll have extra costs for replacing your furniture.

Top-Quality Fabrics

Durability is as important as color and pattern when looking for the perfect upholstery fabric.
For this reason, all furnishings in our collection are upholstered with top-quality leather or fabrics produced by top mills in America.
And you can customize your furniture by choosing from an impressive selection of fabric textures, colors, and designs, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.
Choosing the right combination of design and color for your furniture, will add character and personality to your bedroom decor.

Excellent Style Choices

Whether you’re looking for classic, modern aesthetic, or contemporary design furniture, we have an excellent selection to offer you in all styles.
For a bit of luxury, you may consider a 4-poster bed. Or for something a little unusual that’s fun, we can offer you a sleigh bed as well. But we also offer a fantastic choice of twin, queen, and king beds.
And to ensure that your furniture is unique, you can customize the headboard by choosing a wooden one, or maybe you prefer one upholstered in leather or fabric.

Dimensions For All Bedroom Sizes

With our fantastic selection of brand-name bedroom furniture, you’ll find furniture pieces to fit the dimensions of any size room.
But to find the correct dimensions, you’ll need to know exactly where you want to place the furniture in your bedroom. So it’s essential to measure your space accurately before ordering to avoid purchasing something that won’t fit when it arrives.
With proper planning, you’ll be able to fill your room with top-brand furniture at an affordable price.

Superior Bedroom Furniture From North Carolina

The vast selection of top-quality bedroom furniture brands in our collection has all been produced in North Carolina.
The manufacturers of these brands have at least half a century of manufacturing experience. And they only employ highly-qualified craftspeople to produce furniture made from superior materials that will last for decades.
These companies take advantage of the abundant supply of top-quality Appalachian hardwood collected from nearby forests. And they specialize in producing superior bedroom furniture that they custom-make to your individual needs.
When you purchase bedroom furniture from our collection, you can be proud of supporting local jobs and the American economy.

Browse Our Bedroom Furniture

Browse through the collection in our online store to find our special offers in top–grade handcrafted products that will last you a lifetime.
You’ll find a great selection of superior bedroom furniture at an affordable price that you’ll be able to make unique by customizing to match your bedroom decor and needs.
For any further information about these products, or if you need assistance customizing your choice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our customer service team members, who will be happy to help you.
We look forward to hearing from you.